Infant Turban Headband

If you’re looking for an easy infant headband, these turbans are for you! They’re super soft, and don’t leave marks like elastic styles. Made from jersey fabric, these are a washable, every-day accessory.


Step 1: Cut two pieces of fabric 6″w x 14″l

Step 2: Lay the pieces over each other, forming a cross.

Step 3: Fold each piece in half, lengthwise.

Step 4: Fold bottom piece in half, width-wise.

Step 5: Turn the top piece to meet the end, width-wise.

Step 6: Pull the top piece out, and check the overlap knot.

Step 7: Fold the top piece back again, width-wise.

Step 8: Stitch along the ends. Be sure to reinforce the seams by back-stitching.

Step 9: Flip the entire headband right-side-out. Press the seam so that it lays flat.

Step 10: Now you can bunch or loosen the headband to adjust the style.


  • You can buy jersey fabric or re-use a mildly used T-shirt for this project!
  • Always iron fabric to ensure it lays flat when sewing.
  • Measure your child’s head to adjust the size of the headband. Just add 1.5″ to the measured length to leave room for sewing.
  • For an adult version, I recommend 8″w x 24″l.

Save for Later

Infant Turban Headband tutorial

Have you made one? I’d love to see your versions.



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