Vendor Checklist

Getting ready for a fair or festival is an exciting yet, list-worthy process. When I first started selling my art, I (of course) googled checklists about what you will need to bring. Now that I’ve done a few events, I created a list for myself to prepare for each event. Below are my top tips for what should be on your Vendor Checklist.


I take some time to consider how I want to present my brand at the event. This is supported both before, during, and after the event. Signage, business cards, social media, and web presence all alert people to the fact that you’re going to be present at an event. Keeping the brand consistent and clear will help people start to recognize you. It can be as obvious as using the same logo consistently or as subtle as sticking to a few key colors in your booth.


Only the best, cleaned, and presentable pieces come to the event. Every time I start packing up my inventory, I clean up each piece and pack it carefully. If I have improved a certain design, I find ways to get rid of old or inferior inventory. Although it may be unpleasant to bring less inventory, it is important to present your booth with the most sellable items.


Take time to consider what makes sense to bring right now from inventory to supplies. Each situation presents specific needs. With time, you’ll learn to store items such as tents, signs, and backdrops in a way that works best for that specific event. For example, I don’t bring my cash box to every event. Instead, I’ll wear a pouch if the space doesn’t provide a full table.

The Little Things

Finally, I have a list of little things that I keep together in a bag to support every event. I typically keep this in my car so I don’t clutter up my booth.

  • Masking Tape
  • Extra price tags
  • Notebook (for taking custom orders)
  • List of inventory in storage
  • Pen and Markers
  • Extra tent weights

Each time I go to one of these events, I find that I simplify my list more. I’m curious if other vendors do the same. Let me know what you like to bring to fairs and festivals in the comments.



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