Wardrobe Remix: Leah

Note: Wardrobe Remix is a series of posts inspired by creative ways to get more out of your wardrobe during a seasonal change. To view similar posts, check the “Wardrobe Remix” tag.

wardrobe-remixColder weather and I have a love/hate relationship. On one hand, I hate being cold. On the other, I love being able to put multiple layers of clothes on and be snuggled up in a toasty clothing cocoon. Every year, I find myself struggling to have enough variety in my winter wardrobe, so this year I started preparing in July (no judgment). The thought of paying $50 for a sweater makes me want to cry, so I went to the one place I knew would be budget friendly no matter how many things I found: Goodwill.

Boots, boots, boots

One of the main things I was on the hunt for were new boots. I have one pair that I bought when I was in high school that I wore until they were literally falling to pieces. I managed to find the same pair again last year and re-buy them, but I wanted to be prepared this year and take the stress off my sole (no pun intended) pair of shoes.

I don’t know if I just hit the jackpot day, but I found all 3 pairs of boots on the same trip (above). From left to right they are J Crew, Mossimo, and Lucky Brand. All 3 cost about $30. I was a happy camper.

Adding boots to a summery dress can completely change the vibe.

Finds from the Men’s Section

For some reason, I’ve been lacking in the flannel department. I think it’s mainly because I don’t like sleeves to be tight around my wrists, and the makers of women’s clothes feel that it’s necessary to not be able to roll your sleeves up without suffocating.

The solution? Flannels from the men’s section (above). They’re looser, longer, and have bigger sleeves that actually let you roll them up.

On other trips I’ve found some great hoodies in the men’s section that are perfect for cozy winter days.

Sweaters for Cheap

Like I mentioned earlier, sweaters are expensive. But, at Goodwill they’re about $3. I found so many that looked like they had never been worn, and some with the tags still on! My favorite is this olive green one (above) that’s basically brand new.

Cardigans Are Your Friend

When it gets really cold, I wear cardigans over my normal clothes about 80% of the time. Once again, these can get really pricey in stores, but it seems like the people in our town decided to get rid of some gems.

This one ranks in my Top 10 Goodwill finds ever.

The simple addition of another layer can completely change the way an outfit looks. Take for example my favorite t-shirt dress:

From Summer to Fall in seconds!

Goodwill Hunting Tips:

I know that some people get intimidated or turned off by the idea of thrift shopping. So here’s some tips to help you out.

  • Don’t expect every trip to be a winner. Sometimes a trip is a dud. You may have to visit several times before you find something you like. The good news is new items are constantly coming in so you can keep trying back.
  • Take it one section at a time. If you want sweaters, don’t waste time looking at other sections, because you’ll probably wear yourself out before you can flip through all 300 sweaters on the rack.
  • Flip through the racks. It may be tempting to just walk up and down the aisles until something pops out at you, but I’ve always had my best luck flipping through.
  • Go on Mondays. I’m not sure if this applies to every Goodwill store, but ours seem to put out their best new items on Mondays. My theory is people bring their donations in on the weekends when they have free time and that’s the soonest they can get it out.

Don’t spend lots of money on a whole new winter wardrobe from a retail store. All you need is a few new pieces from Goodwill to get your outfits ready for cooler weather!

Leah Jones is a marketing professional, avid runner, and aspiring Pokemon master. She writes regularly about books and marathons at her blog, Leah Elizabeth.

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