Is Vogue’s “Diverse” March Cover Progress At All?

Agree or disagree?


vogueVogue’s March cover may look like an attempt at “diversifying” fashion upon first glance, while you’re standing in line at the drugstore. However,  once you take a closer look, you’ll notice there are more things wrong than right with the picture.

Amidst all the positive buzz from other major publications, backlash came from blogs and social media. First there’s Gigi’s gibbon arm, which anyone who knows the basics of photo editing (or human anatomy) can tell was purposefully elongated. Then the magazine’s attempt to embrace a broader spectrum of skin tones was laughable…as if their stockpile of Lancôme foundations only come in shades called “bisque” or lighter.

Vogue proudly reported their first plus-size cover model, but it kind of defeats the purpose when she’s enveloped by six double-zero models. Ashley Graham was quoted in the cover story saying, “Sixty-seven percent of the women in America wear a size 14 or…

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