Verderamade Discontinues Top-Selling Collections

Sometimes people ask me what my “thing” is. It’s a fair question because they want to know what to expect when I show up to an event. I’ve had a number of top-selling items at past events that I’m no longer making. So, I’d like to take a moment to explain what collections are sold out, what pieces are remaining, and what exciting collections are coming.

What is sold out?

Antler Hooks: Currently, all of my antler hooks are sold out and I don’t intend to make any more. My reasons are various. First, the market has become saturated with similar work. When I started making these hooks 2 years ago, they weren’t common in this area and I was enjoying a chance to mix my color-blocking and ombre painting techniques. Now, they’re everywhere. I even found some faux hooks at Walmart. When a trend reaches Walmart, I’m done. Second, my antler supply was limited. I never had any intention of collecting antlers over the long term. Once collector allowed me to repurpose his old collection as part of an art project. I enjoyed sharing that with the community and now, I’m done with it. So, no more antler hooks for me.
Soft Headbands: This project was based around a desire to use a longtime crafter’s fabric scraps and castoff beads. I have sold all of this collection and will not resurrect it anytime in the near future. There are many great local makers that supply cute headbands at fair prices.

What is in limited supply?

Floral Crowns: I created several batches of handmade floral crowns by carefully crafting my own flowers from vintage clothing, vintage sewing scraps, and antique costume jewelry. They were one-of-a-kind creations and took a lot of careful sewing work. However, that supply of unique materials was also limited and I don’t intend to visit a big-box fabric store to build up a new collection. If at some point, I come across a great party dress that needs to be chopped up into satin or lace flowers, I might revive this project. However, for the time being, I am left with a few of these whimsical creations for the free-spirited among us. I have a few white crowns and black crowns available for delivery or local shipping. If you are a photographer or clothing designer who wants a fun prop, I will give you them to encourage your art. Just message me. Since I have so few, I won’t be including them in local shows.
Wooden Garlands: One of the most difficult items to photograph, I have kept an elusive supply of wooden garland. Each version has been celebratory with words like “Joy.” “Blessed,” and “Peace.” As hand-lettered signage is also popular amongst crafters, I will not be continuing to make these little garlands. I will not be bringing these to future shows. However, if you always wanted one, I can let you know which are left.

What is to come?

I will be participating in one spring show, Miriam’s Maker Market hosted by Live Trendy or Die and The Conscious Mercantile. I had a difficult winter and a busy spring, compounding with a grumpy (election-influenced) mood. During this season, I have sought new inspiration, collected fresh materials, and considered the next collection for Verderamade. This has led me to further narrow my collection and grow my aesthetic. So, this is a teaser to let you know that something new and bold is coming to my tent this spring. As always, it will be grounded in the spirit of careful consumption and homeworthiness.
Be on the lookout for preview posts featuring my new work and know that you can always contact me to ask for local delivery on anything listed in my shop.