Each object should deserve space it occupies in your dwelling. That’s a lofty goal, especially for those who embrace a minimalist lifestyle.

Everything in this collection is homeworthy.

This sets the standard for everything in my collection. Through careful and conscious craftsmanship, I offer art, furniture, and accessories in the greater Lynchburg, Virginia area. Everything you’ll find is a result of my desire to consume less and make more.

Home design

But you may be asking, where this goal comes from and why I came to pursue it.

I care about what comes into my home, and I’m sure you do too.

My journey in making actually started as a change in my consumer habits. For my first apartment, I mixed vintage, hand-me-down pieces with any cheap homegoods I could find on sale. I quickly noticed that the pressboard, cardboard, and temporary pieces looked cheaper with age. However, handmade goods, just looked better with time.

I learned to appreciate hand-made, and often, slow-made things.

So, I completely changed the way I consumed. I sought out older, better pieces to fill my home. I looked for real art from local artists to adorn my space. I learned to appreciate hand-made, and often, slow-made things.

But there were still a few gaps, a lot of room for creativity. So, I’ve started a collection of homegoods and accessories inspired by thoughtful consumption.


4 thoughts on “Homeworthiness

  1. Danielle, I LOVE this blog. (I love the VL ones too 😉 But I really like this. I am trying to be more thoughtful about my purchases. You give me inspiration!


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