10 Reasons Why You Hate Everything in Your Closet… and how to fix it!

Currently, I feel invigorated and relieved. You see, I just cleansed my closet again. This time, I examined everything, including closet staples. As someone who lives on a budget and has a small clothing allowance, I appreciate the cost of clothing. However, I just took the time again to rebuild my wardrobe into something that I can love.

Do you hate everything in your closet?

Below are some reasons why you hate everything in your closet and some tips to fix it.

1. There’s too much inside. You can’t find the items that you like because they keep falling behind stuff that you never want to wear.

Fix it: Try pulling out half of your wardrobe and setting it aside. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to find a mix of what you really wear.

2. You’re missing undergarments. If you don’t have the right bras, slips, or tights to wear with your wardrobe then, you’re probably in a pickle.

Fix it: Make sure you have those basic underpinnings ready. Check each item to make sure you own the right supporting garments.

3. You’re wearing someone else’s clothes. I’m not talking about an existential crisis where you’ve been single-white-femaled into the wronge wardrobe. I mean that your closet contains too many gifted, borrowed, and handed-down items.

Fix it: Start evaluating clothing gifts in light of your true preferences and kindly decline anything that doesn’t work.

4. You are missing shoes. Sure your closet may seem full of footwear but, do you have the right ones? I find that if I don’t replace my basic footwear (ie. nude heels, black dress shoe, or neutral boot), I end up with so many outfits that won’t work. Also, the impulse to buy cute but impractical shoes may have filled your shoe rack with all the wrong trends.

Fix it: Take suggestions from bloggers who have a capsule wardrobe. They give practical suggestions for limiting shoes to a few important basics.

5. Nothing is tailored. Hems dragging on the ground and bunched up sleeves makes clothing look cheap.

Fix it: Although sewing seems to have skipped a generation, that doesn’t mean your clothes can’t fit. While you’re practicing alteration skills, be sure to take your special clothes to a tailor. Even a frugal wardrobe can benefit from some thoughtful pleats.

6. You changed your hair. Whether it’s the cut or color, you may find that your hair has evolved while your wardrobe hasn’t.

Fix it: Search images of your haircut and consider what your new style may be. Make sure you’re balancing that new ‘do with your old clothes.

7. Your wardrobe staples are old. That basic black T is pilled and your jeans don’t fit in the waist. Your favorite socks have holes and that sweater is worn around the arms.

Fix it: Whatever your style, there are probably a few items that you consistently wear for comfort. Maybe it’s a white, v-neck t-shirt that you know looks great with every skirt in your closet. If those integral staples are pilled, frayed, or stained, they should be thoughtfully replaced.

8. You don’t like your belt. Once, I realized that I didn’t have a single belt in my closet that served multiple purposes. I had a few clearance rack finds and some trendy, cheap statement pieces. However, when I wanted to actually just wear pants, I found myself skipping over every belt to go without.

Fix it: Every person needs a perfect belt. It should fit the size you are right now. It should hold up your pants and contribute to good lines in your outfit. It should not take away from your look by sagging or bunching. It’s nearly as hard as finding the perfect pair of jeans but, it’s worth it.

9. It’s a fashion trend graveyard. In the past, you just bought whatever you liked at the time. There was no deliberation and most of it can be linked back to your favorite TV character at the time.

Fix it: While it’s OK to change your taste, or even follow trends, every closet needs a core that makes sense. Look over everything and find something that unites your look. For me, it was realizing that I wanted to feel appropriate and comfortable in every situation. So, I picked one basic silhouette that flattered my curvy figure. Every clothing purchase is weighed against that silhouette. Now that I have some consistency in the shape I prefer wear, I can utilize trends as they catch my eye.

10. You’re stockpiling for another life. Maybe you’re clinging to clothes in the wrong size (large or small). Perhaps you are a stay-at-home mom with a rack full of only 6″ stilettos. Maybe you work in a business setting and only own one complete suit.

Fix it: Consider how you actually spend your days. Are you outside frequently? Do you work out? Do you watch children? Do you work in an office? Are you in school? Make sure you have clothing that fits your regular activities. Then, consider whether you need front-of-closet access to items from a former situation or a dream, future job. Pack up or dispose of anything that doesn’t fit with your normal routine.

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Do you ever hate everything in your closet? How do you fix it?


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