Make Your Own Wall Hanging from Old Tshirts

The staggering statistics about clothing waste always encourage me to consider DIY ideas that work for harshly used clothes. While some recycled t-shirt projects require a shirt in good condition, this one actually works with an old, loved shirt. Start by creating T-shirt yarn.


Step 1

To start, you’ll need a 8″ rod or stick, a ball of t-shirt yard, and scissors.

Step 2

Start by creating the long strands for the center. Cut 5 strands to 20″ in length. Loop them in a slip knot on the center of the rod.

Step 3

Next, cut 6 strands to 15″ in length. Loop 3 on each side, evenly.

Step 4

Check the rod to make sure the strands are centered.

Step 5

Next, clip the strands into shape. A little variation is fine and adds to the whimsical effect.

Wall Hangings, recycled shirt

When finished, I like to sell these at the market. They’re small enough to fit on the wall by a desk or hang on a breezy window.

Let me know if you make one!


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