I built a brand guide for The Listening, Inc. to help their team stay on the same page as they created marketing materials. The document includes details about their brand identity, such as:

  • Logo Specifications
  • Brand Colors
  • Typography
  • Messaging
  • Blog Guidelines

Because I’ve put together many of these guidelines in the past, I encouraged the client to keep this document focused and succinct. Many of the people referencing the guidelines are volunteers who just need to understand the basics of the brand.

This puts all the information in one place for easy access.

Project Background

I became attached to The Listening, Inc. as a volunteer in 2017. At the time, the founder Nick George was looking for some assistance with his email marketing and website. I loved their organization’s mission and decided to support it by using my existing marketing skillset. This is part of my pro bono work for the organization.

I worked with Nick to develop the brand guide. We actually put the final document in Canva so that he could update it without using Adobe Suite.