I’ve been looking for every glimmer of color this week — which has turned my eyes mostly toward the sky. Everything that grows has died leaving me with clouds and shop windows. It’s not particularly seasonal or traditionally Christmas but, I’ve collected several peach tones for this palette. They’re not bright — more natural and earthy.

These tones have been going hard for a couple of years now but, their applications have shifted through the different worlds of design.

In interiors, the color faded away for a time as a dismissed 80s tone. Look back at any films from that time and that nylon-stocking-over-the-camera-lens trick makes peach tones pop. It’s soft without losing energy. It’s become a bold substitute for neutrals. Pair it with another color and the whole palette clicks toward nostalgia.


In beauty, peach adds softness and femininity. I expect the tone will reappear whenever campaigns reference retro releases.

I enjoy how peach tones add a lightness to any composition. It’s playful with a nod to the past. The yellow undertones signal happiness while the pink adds femininity. Combined, the visual tension is sweet and iconic.