Festival Season After College

Woman painting

The closer I move to chanting “I’m thirty, flirty, and thriving” the more I question how festival style works after college. My first, cynical reaction brought me back to my retail days where shop girls quietly judged adult women who shopped in the “juniors” section – no matter whether the sizes fit. My inner critic started censoring items saying, “You’re too old for that.”

Music is the universal language of mankind. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

However, I considered the needs of my actual stage of life. Sure, I don’t spend my nights sleeping in vans anymore but, I still do go to outdoor festivals and concerts. Now, I actually afford whimsical vintage items that will last in my closet for more than one summer season. Now, I can actually take the time to soak in shows and festivals.

So, I am rolling back that grumpy-cat attitude and embracing the truth of this stage of life. If twenty was fun… thirty will be awesome.

Wrist bands on, fest vibes strong. The countdown is on! The official start of festival season is less than one week away and kicks off summer in the Cali desert. For the next two weekends, nothing matters but the music (and the fashion, of course). To get you desert festival-ready, we’re showing you looks that…

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Spring 2017 Style

Take any year, search for spring trends and you’ll find a litany of remixed patterns, colors and shapes to inspire ready-to-wear (khaki, khaki, khaki) for the next year. I’m constantly inspired by both high fashion and street style. However, my own spring style revamp is less in the buying and more in the vision-casting. With every season, I build on the process and use it as an opportunity to build my own aesthetic.

Sketch for a project

Clear Out and Clean Up

A new year, and colder weather, is an apt time to dig through the dusty parts of the closet. As I think about my goals for the next year, I consider my clothing priorities. Depending on what projects I’m tackling, my wardrobe carries a different role. Sometimes, I’m focused on climbing professionally and need to bolster my traditional office-wear to boost my confidence. Other times, I am expanding my artistic side and find it inspiring to simply my style to focus on making. Still other times, I’m feeling gloomy and nostalgic or cheery pieces life my mood.

Absorb and Expand

To create anything, one must breathe in inspiration. The same is true with building out a new look for the season. Personally, my fashion inspiration rarely comes from the runway or the trends around me. Instead, it crosses over from literature, film, and art. I see, watch or read something new. Then, I latch onto the colors, textures, or feelings that match those moods.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” —Lauren Hutton

Augment not Makeover

The core of my wardrobe is pretty plain. I stick to one silhouette, flowing tops with fitted shoulders and skinny bottoms (pencil skirts and straight jeans). The change up comes with the shoes, necklaces, bags and hair. Those little touches shake up my look from season to season. Since I like change, a smaller wardrobe actually gives me more versatility. For example, I always keep less than 10 pairs of shoes. So, they wear out much faster. This allows me to keep them current, replacing each pair after eight months or so.

Match and Mix

Finally, I lay out all the pieces and make sure each item works with an outfit. This shows the holes in my wardrobe and ensures nothing drops to the back of the closet. Also, it helps weed out the pieces I don’t love. While it may seem a bit frivilous to put so much care into reworking my wardrobe for the spring seasons, it has become a thoughtful process of preparation. And for the final trick, the castoffs fall into a DIY pile – probably my favorite part. Check out P.S. I Made This and Mark Montano to get some attainable ideas to augment your wardrobe.

For now, I’m collecting some inspiration for Spring and Summer 2017 below. Sound off on your favorite looks on my facebook page.

Spring 2017 Beauty

watercolor red lips

Unlike the shaggy styles for hair, Spring 2017 Beauty is trending toward color-blocking and simplicity. There is a distinct affinity for soap-opera makeup from the Golden Age of Television. Everyone’s skin looks super. Lips and eyes POP! While beauty is the most prone to daily-changing, Insta-spired microtrends, there are some notable shifts for the new year.

We’re Going to Kill Contouring

Well, not kill it exactly. However, we’re seeing more ideas, like draping, from the top beauty bloggers than a total face reshape. While contouring is a fascinating art form, I have always struggled with the implications for lack of self-acceptance. Essentially, contouring promotes a very narrow vision of how people should look: all highlights, jawlines, and cheekbones. The practice never interested me – too high maintenance. Also, it’s taken me a lifetime to accept my overbite and dimpled cheeks. So, my mornings weren’t going to start with a severe face sculpting. While I am amazed at the transformations, I wish more people were comfortable walking about barefaced on the street. Hopefully, contouring shifts toward a less liberal application in the new year.

Healthy Skin

My unsolicited advice for a new year of new skin? Take care of yourself. Several years ago, I developed adult cystic acne. While it is still a struggle, my skin has been the biggest indicator of my eating habits, exercise routine, and stress level. I’m also sensitive about perfumes so, I’m definitely not borrowing body products. Every time my skin flares up, I find myself (rightly) questioning my overall health. If you’ve developed any persistent skin problems, see a dermatologist. Then, consult with a nutritionist. You might be lacking some serious healthy routines that impact your skin. The no-makeup look may be the chicest look of the season – get ready!

Got that Glitter?

Although I maintain a minimal collection of beauty products, I was intrigued by the glitter nail polish that popped up in my Christmas stocking. I would have never bought it- such a trending item. However, I tried it out, just on my thumbs with a simple manicure. I love it! It reminds me summery sunny days in middle school. Yeah, the 90s are back and all that glitters is our birthright.

More Mod

Color pops from lips to eyes to cheeks brighten up all of the spring styles. While mod always reads a little sixties, it contrasts some of shaggy, rocker hairstyles that are trending this spring. So, flip through an Andy Warhol coffee table book and rethink your palette for the season. Below are some of my favorite color pops. Let me know your favorites on the Verderamade facebook page.

Spring 2017 Hair

rainbow hair

Stylists say the Mick Jagger shag shows early signs of a 2017 comeback. Given the recent American division over authoritarianism, hair-styling continues to express subtle cultural changes.Historically, politics and style always collide as an outlet for protest. Therefore, we should expect to see a severe split between the backward-facingAlt-Right definition of beauty (Nipster comb-over for men and flowing “Melania” locks for women) and trends toward inclusive textures and colors.


Olivia Wilde’s controversial chop marks the beginning. Although the prolific Coco Channel said, “‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life,” this year may be a year of growing out our hair for a reshape. What is the biggest indicator of 2017 hair trends? History.  Looking back to divisive times in America yields a plethora of hairstyle splits. Soon, America’s trendsetters will start abandoning the trim Inglorious Bastards hairstyles (1920s-1950s) for the rebellious textures of the Cold War decades (1960s-1990s).

The Lost Generation gives Birth to the Bikini

Bette Davis’ Character Transformation in Now, Voyager (Image Source)

At the turn of the century, a portion of country clung to familiar styles even as The Lost Generation itched for change. For every fictional Daisy Fay Buchanan, there lived real, conservative women who idolized Francis Willard. During the economic boom after World War I, America embraced a social dynamism. Although both the Nazi Party and communism rose across the ocean,  America revived both patriotism and cultural appreciation.

However, while we rosily think of flappers, female employment, and suffrage, these constituted dividing issues that manifested in style changes. Prohibition began in 1919, kicking off organized crime, smuggling, and general disillusionment. As with any cultural revolution, great minds inspired change through ingenuity, activism, and art. However, during these three decades, parts of American also became more isolationist and segregated with the Immigration act of 1924, the Ku Klux Klan growth, and fear of the influences beyond our borders. This manifested as a deep division between the fashion-forward, in both their thinking and apparel, and the out-of-date.

Hairstyle changes included:

  • Shorter Cuts
  • Tight Curls and Clean Waves
  • Chemical Dyes and Hair Products

However, these trends were tempered by many women who clung to the old ways through to the second World War. In the film, Now, Voyager, Charlotte Vale epitomizes the transition of women’s hairstyles from tight, natural buns to choppy, styled bobs. From the Twenties through the Fifties, the definition of modernity continued to shift and expand to align with moving forward. Then, rebellion against status quo kicked off a new era of counter-cultural hair.

From Factory Girls to Girl Power

60s Mia Farrow, 70s Pam Grier, 80s Joan Jett, and 90s Selena

If the past five years revived of the sharp looks of the two World Wars, we are likely moving into the rebellious styles that started in the sixties. This means everyone needs to grow out their hair to reshape it into a fresh style. Those fades will morph into 90s Leo tousled bangs. Or, perhaps, they’ll be shaved off altogether for an immediate break from the election drama. Similarly, long-haired ladies will chop their long ombre waves before they become this year’s 00’s chunky highlights.

Coming next: Tight bobs and pixie cuts can shift between mod and shag month-to-month for ultimate versatility. Also, we should expect to see a revival of roots, natural hair textures, and some grungy inspiration. Anyone who yearns move on from 2016, will likely opt for something less sleek.

Hairstyle trends to watch:

  • Transitional hairstyles, such as shags, space buns, and braids
  • Natural Textures and Roots
  • Gender-bending or Androgynous grooming
  • Asymmetrical trims and zig-zag parts

Those who thought 2016 was pretty good, will keep their hair the same as the last decade. The rest of us, might start measuring time in centimeters as each passing month (and folic acid pill) brings us through this crazy, changing world.

Measuring Time in Centimeters

Willow Smith’s Asymmetrical locks, Ilana Glazer’s soft texture, Miley Cyrus’ growing-out roots, and Chloe Moretz’ throwback shag

Counting through facebook, I actually sported 5 different haircuts and colors in 2016. However, I am already inspired to change my look for the new year. This spring, I’m surrendering my modern interpretation on the classic Vidal Sassoon 5-point cut. Without maintenance, the ends lost their shape.

Un-ironically, I am currently reliving my high school saga of transitioning a pixie to shoulder-length strands. So, I’m collecting bobby-pin and headband updos (below). Also, I’ve been clarifying the strands with a rotation of baking soda and apple-cider vinegar for a natural texture. Are you tired of looking at the same hair in the mirror, too? Sound off about your style shifts in the comments below.

Twee and Sympathy

The antidote to everyday, whimsical and spunky Itgirl fashion has been building for decades with independent films and quirky television shows. However, I have mixed feelings about incorporating whimsy in my wardrobe. I love it when I see it on others; it gives me a vicarious thrill. However, I have found my style slowly shifting away from twee touches. As Clementine says in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, “Too many guys think I’m a concept, or I complete them, or I’m gonna make them alive.”

At times, I have grown weary of men labeling my ambition, creativity, and independence as “cute”. Essentially, I believe this may be rooted in the icons associated with the looks. So, I have divided them into archetypes to dissect their impact on fashion, their significance within culture, and the message twee clothing proclaims.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

While this trope, especially as an side character in a male protagonist’s self-discovery, has been criticized, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl lives on through thrifted hi-low style. Her clothing screams, “I’m fun, creative and maybe – a little bit crazy.” To date, Nathan Rabin, who originally coined the phrase, admits that his criticism of the trope has been misinterpreted. It is not these delightful female characters that present the problem. Their use a tool for the leading man’s happiness remains the issue. In fact, there are also similar characters who have flipped the trope on its head. Some better-known examples, positive and negative, include:

  • Claire, Elizabethtown
  • Amelie, Amelie
  • Clementine, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Summer Finn, 500 days of Summer
  • Sam, Garden State
  • Sara Deever, Sweet November
  • Penelope, Penelope

In each of these instances, the character relishes small sartorial thrills. Their style is lived-in, thrifted, colorful and fanciful. Each has a passion for life and an unconscious love for beautiful things. On one hand, this character exudes empowerment when she is at the center of the story, such as Amelie or Penelope. By contrast, the archetype relegates the Manic Pixie Dream Girl to a muse that becomes a mechanism for change in the leading man’s life. This association makes the twee trend romantically risky.

Really Bored Receptionist

Sometimes, the designers pair the most delightful costumes with really dull jobs. In the cinematic universe, Really Bored Receptionists use their downtime to boost personal style. Again, the passion of these characters is obvious. They “bring it” each day — even to an uneventful and low-pay job. However, their situation mirrors the sad reality of the glass ceiling while reinforcing the notion that goofy, sexy women belong at the front desk instead of the corner office. Below are some of the more memorable sassy secretaries.

  • Amanda Tannen, Ugly Betty
  • Elaine Vassal, Ally McBeal
  • Janine Melnitz, Ghostbusters
  • Miss Moneypenny, James Bond movies
  • Judy, What’s Up Doc?

Instead of getting direct credit for contributing to the workplace, they are typically a distraction. They are the objects of flirting. They are the mistresses or daydreams. They become the wallpaper that beautifies the lobby. But, like any office decoration, they’re not expected to speak up and contribute meaningfully to the business. In the workplace, the sassy secretary style sends submissive signals.

Poor Little Rich Girl

For every Becky Sharp trying to climb the social ladder, there always seems to be a few unhappy princesses envying her independence. Much like the cheerleader who complains about the emptiness of popularity, this archetype has found little meaning at the end of a cocaine line. Instead, the Poor Little Rich Girl shrinks behind tattered, oversized luxe-wear. Below are some examples of this trope:

  • Patricia Graynamore, Joe Versus the Volcano
  • Jasmine, Aladdin
  • Margot Helen Tenenbaum, The Royal Tannenbaums
  • Susan Vance, Bringing up Baby
  • Princess Anne, Roman Holiday

Although Grey Gardens was aesthetically fascinating, the documentary raised questions about the desperate, decomposing elite. The fine line between childish melancholy and true mental illness becomes blurred when these situations are reduced to a tube of bright red lipstick, broken diamond earrings, and a dirty hypodermic needle. While high fashion the contrast of this mix, the look reads as generally disrespectful — more so when contrived.

Sexy Little Rebel

More than a fringy leather jacket or a wild playlist, adolescent rebellion transitions children into adults. The process poses questions about authority, status quo, priorities and personal growth. However, these stories are often much more serious for young men when Dolores Haze of Lolita manifests rebellion in contrast to Sam Gribley of My Side of the Mountain. Both reject their guardian’s lifestyle for a sort of independence. However, storytellers often objectify young, rebellious female characters.   Below are some well-known examples of Sexy Little Rebels on both sides of the objectification spectrum.

  • Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  • Charlotte Vale, Now, Voyager
  • Juno MacGuff, Juno
  • Penny Lane, Almost Famous
  • Lelaina Pierce, Reality Bites
  • Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Although adolescent blossoming remains an important narrative device, some stories lose sight of deeper themes. Rebellious heroines need no adorkable factor. Overall, the trope favors objectification over authenticity. As a style, the Sexy Little Rebel looks teeters between desperate and despondent.

Too many guys think I’m a concept, or I complete them, or I’m gonna make them alive. –  Clementine, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

As I always say, “It’s your body and you can dress how you want to.” However, first looks shape perception – the perennial double-edged blessed curse of fashion. Dressing for personal style, not costume, breaks boundaries of the troupe. Remember who you are and why those characters inspired your look. Check out the leading ladies in the lookbook below to get more twee inspiration.

Which characters inspire your whimsical wardrobe?

Wardrobe Remix: April

Makeup Tips Verderamade

Note: Wardrobe Remix is a series of posts inspired by creative ways to get more out of your wardrobe during a seasonal change. To view similar posts, check the “Wardrobe Remix” tag.


Hello there! I became friends with Dani in college and she asked me to write a guest blog for the Wardrobe Remix. You’ll probably get lots of fashion inspiration from this series… so you’ll need some makeup ideas to complete your look! Special thanks to my sister and my future SILs for being my other models.

*Note, I have no professional makeup training. I just love makeup!

For each look I will list the materials that I used. If you have similar products, feel free to experiment! These are just some ideas to get you started. My focus is on eye makeup, so I will not get into foundation or highlighting and contouring. That’s a whole different ball game….

Geek Chic Makeup for Gals with Glasses

Remember the days when we were kids and wearing glasses was a bad thing? As a glasses-wearer, I’m glad that specs are back in style. However, glasses cast a shadow on your face and draw attention to your eyes, so there are special considerations to make your eyes pop.

Start with a clean face, following your typical skincare regimen. (This should include wearing a moisturizer and sunscreen!)

  • NYC white eye liner
  • Sephora Wedding Day (white) eyeshadow
  • Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette (Lily, Metamorphosis, Time/Bandersnatch,)
  • Urban Decay Moondust palette (Granite, Vega)
  • Jordana eyeliner (black and blue)
  • Dior Blackout mascara
  • Diorshow It-blue mascara
  • Dior Brow Styler

Since I wanted to focus more on the eye makeup I didn’t get fancy with the face or lip stuff.

  1. With glasses, you want to brighten your eyes as much as possible since the frames draw attention to this part of your face. To do this, I colored my eyelids with white eyeliner and added just a touch of highlighter under my eyes. Another thing that helps draw attention to the eyes: curling your lashes!! PS- if you have darker skin, coloring your eyelids with a white colored pencil will especially help your eyes pop!
  2. Next, I applied a bit of white eye shadow (Sephora’s Wedding Day) to my entire lid, focusing on the inner corners. To the outer half to 2/3 of the lids I applied Metamorphisis from the Alice palette and highlighted under the brows with Lily. I used the brush that comes in this palette (the end with the shorter bristles).
  3. As usual when I’m doing my eye makeup, I did some experimenting for the crease and outer corners. I typical will do subtle shading in the crease, but with glasses it looks better if there is more of a defined crease. I started with the Urban Decay Moondust palette and blended Granite and Vega; this mixture was applied to the crease and the outer corner. To add a bit more dimension I blended Time and Bandersnatch in the outer corners. To finish you should always blend blend blend!! I typically will just clean my brush off with tissue, then use the brush to blend.
  4. With glasses it’s sooo important to define the eyebrows. I love Dior’s browstyler because it blends to match your haircolor… like magic! There are some products I will splurge on and others where I’ll search for bargains. To me, this is worth the splurge! Then I used Jordana eyeliner (black on top, blue on the bottom). Jordana and Milani eyeliners are great because they’re inexpensive but they don’t smudge. I’m a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to eyeliner. Then for mascara I went with Dior again. I love love LOVE their Blackout mascara. Seriously. I could not love a human baby as much as I love Dior’s Blackout mascara. It’s the blackest black mascara I have ever seen!! Since I love color so much, I like to apply colored liner and mascara on the bottom lash line with black on top.
  5. I may or may not have chosen blue to match my R2-D2 dress…. Maybe.

Natural Autumn Look

I convinced two of my boyfriend’s sisters to help model makeup looks. Nataliya likes a more natural look (as do many women), so I wanted to do a natural look with autumnal colors. I blended various colors throughout this look, but if you want to keep it simple you could just pick one color per step!

  • Sleek Makeup Oh-so-special palette
  • W7 Color Me Buff (UD Naked 2 dupe)
  • Jordana black eyeliner
  • Anastasia Brow Wiz
  • Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara

Again, you’ll want to start with a clean face after your regular skincare regimen.

  1. For the eyelids I blended two colors: Ribbon from the Oh So Special palette with Dust from the In the Buff palette. This palette looks almost exactly like Naked 2… at a fraction of the price! If you love Urban Decay and want to buy the actual makeup palette, go for it! But….I’m a therapist and I’m poor, so I try to save money when possible. I highlighted under the brows by blending two colors from In the Buff: Buff, and Sand.
  2. For the crease colors, I used Thunder, Onyx, and Silk. I used Thunder in the main part of the crease. To add dimension I added a hint of Onyx to the outer corners and Silk to the inner corners. And as always… blend!!
  3. Nataliya did her eyebrows, eyeliner, and mascara with the materials listed above. For the final look…..
  4. She’s so pretty even without makeup, but this look adds an extra touch to make her look stunning!

Formal Winter Smoky Eyes

Galia (Nataliya’s sister) loves makeup almost as much as I do, so I knew she’d be open to a bold, smoky look.

  • W7 In The Buff Lightly Toasted Eye Color Palette
  • Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara
  • Eye-ko liquid eyeliner
  • Ulta Beauty Gems Eye Palette
  • UD Woodstock
  • Ulta Glitter topcoat
  • Sephora white glitter eye shadow

Plus she loves Christmas, so I figured Christmas + bold makeup = lots of fun!

  1. Under the brow, I highlighted with Teddy from the W7 Lightly Toasted palette. On the lids, I used white glitter shadow in the inner third of the lid. For the outer two thirds I blended  Magic and It’s a Dream.
  2. For the crease I choose a berry color from the Beauty Gems palette (which I discovered has been discontinued. Sad day!!). Because holly berry…. Christmas… duh. I liked the berry color and wanted to add a bit more color, so in the inner lid I blended a bit of Urban Decay’s Woodstock (dark pink) shadow. To add some dimension and a bit of smokiness, I blended Up in Smoke from the W7 palette with the berry color used before.
  3. Galia loves the winged liner look, so I asked her to do her own eyeliner. For her liner, mascara, and eyebrows she used all the products listed above. To add some more elegance, I dusted over the entire lid with Ulta Glitter Top Coat.
  4. I love how this look turned out! Not everyone can pull off these colors along with glitter but Galia looks gorgeous in this look!

Sugar Skull Inspired Look

Call me weird, but even though I have no Mexican blood in me whatsoever, I have always LOVED sugar skulls. I think because I minored in Spanish and I also love science and anatomy, along with bright, bold colors! Sugar skulls combine so many of my loves!! (Plus they’re candy. Duh.)

  • Myo  Makeup Envy (purple) loose powder eyeshadow
  • Sephora eye primer
  • Sephora Rolling in the Grass No. 10 eye shadow
  • UD Moondust Lightyear and Galaxy eye shadows
  • Jordana black and purple eyeliners
  • Dior Blackout mascara
  • Diorshow It-purple mascara
  • Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass (Lily)

I love sugar skulls, but painting my entire face like a sugar skull is not exactly practical. Plus I’m pretty sure I’d get weird looks any day except Halloween. So for this look I wanted to incorporate one of my favorite aspects of the sugar skull: bright, bold colors!! And who would I rather do this look on than my big sister? Heather taught me how to do my makeup in my young, pre-pubescent years, so it was fun to do her make up for a change!

  1. Heather remembered to get a picture of the lash curling that I failed to capture earlier…
  2. I got so into this look that I totally forgot to take as many pictures of the steps as I should. Oopsie poopsie!! The bright purple shadow (Envy) I used is a loose powder that will only stick to the lid when applied with primer. I used a basic eye primer from Sephora. If you love bright colors, you’ll love Myo Make up. I found this color along with several others on Amazon. I couldn’t find the actual color I used, but this kit includes a similar purple. I highlighted under the brows with Lily, then applied Sephora Rolling in the Grass No. 10 eye shadow in the crease. At this point I finally remembered to take another picture.
  3. I realized that that wasn’t the kind of green I was going for. So I also blended Lightyear and Galaxy into the crease. For eyeliner, Heather used Jordana black on top and purple on the bottom. She uses ELF eyebrow gel (which she had already applied prior to the session). Then we used Dior mascara again; Blackout on top with purple on the bottom.
  4. And here’s the final look! Thanks to my lovely sister for letting me do this spunky makeup look on her!

Hopefully you found some inspiration to have fun with your makeup and play with color. There are lots of options whether you’re looking to save or splurge. You can find any of the products listed above (or similar ones) from Ulta, Sephora, or Amazon.

Happy Fall!! -April

Wardrobe Remix: Sarah

Wardrobe Remix Sarah

Note: Wardrobe Remix is a series of posts inspired by creative ways to get more out of your wardrobe during a seasonal change. To view similar posts, check the “Wardrobe Remix” tag.


Hello new friends! I’m excited to be taking over Verderamade’s blog (don’t worry, I’ll only be here temporarily)!

A little about me: My name is Sarah, I am a recent college graduate with a degree in Fashion. I’m also a fellow blogger still developing my brand and I’d love for you to join me on my journey (check out wordsandredlipstick on WordPress, Facebook and Instagram). I’m a “Fashion Friday’s” kind of gal, and today I want to inspire you to style some of your summer pieces in new ways for cooler temps.


We all know the 90s grunge and vintage styles are back (unless you didn’t, and in that case I’m glad I could enlighten you today).  My modern take on a classic style with the tank top over the tee is perfect for fall. I paired the tops with vintage 100% cotton denim (yeah no stretch what so ever) and metallic loafers. Go ahead and copy the look when there is a chill in the air – or just use it as inspiration.

Some other options for outfit inspiration are wearing a tank top under a layering piece such as a sweater, blazer, or even a jacket (denim or leather).  If you want to channel your inner Carrie (Bradshaw of course) go for a dress worn over pants. Another great look is a summer dress over a tee (long sleeve or short, depending on the weather).

Fall is all about layering, so don’t be afraid to take some summer staples and layer in your fall must haves. Remember to always have fun with your outfit and confidence is key.

xx words and red lipstick



Wardrobe Remix: Hendrick

Wardrobe Remix Hendrick

Note: Wardrobe Remix is a series of posts inspired by creative ways to get more out of your wardrobe during a seasonal change. To view similar posts, check the “Wardrobe Remix” tag.


2 Fabulous, Temperature-Adaptable Outfits for Cold Mornings That Melt into Hot Days

Ah, California. The Golden State. A paradise whose infinite sunshine and perpetually warm temperatures frame a sarong- and sandal-clad existence. At least, this was the Hollywood-designed stereotype I blissfully believed before I moved to San Francisco for a job in September 2012.

Imagine how shattered my childlike expectations were when I first leapt from the Volvo upon arrival at my new San Francisco apartment, only to be greeted by a wind so frigid, tears froze to my eyeballs. Where was my mythical California sun?

Granted, it was 2:30am and I was delirious from days of driving and living off gas station granola bars and greasy Days Inn breakfast buffets, but this freezing breeze on a cloudy night didn’t align at all with my “sunny with a high of 75” assumptions. This Jersey boy had dressed for beach weather, with a short-sleeved shirt and shorts so short, my boxers billowed in the wind. I looked and felt like a misguided tourist; the only things missing were the oversized fannypack and a local attraction map stained with sunblock and aloe vera.

Here’s the thing about California : Los Angeles isn’t San Francisco. In fact, with San Francisco lying 381 miles north, they’re literally not even close. Most of the California seen on the big and small screens highlights the sun-soaked indulgence of Los Angeles life.
San Francisco, on the other hand, is a decidedly foggier, grittier city that exalts its body hair, its beards and beanies, and its hand-knitted hoodies. Notice a theme? Need for hair growth patterns and clothing accessories conducive to warmth.

However, I find that dressing warm and growing hair to insulate against the cold isn’t good enough, because San Francisco’s weather is as flaky and unpredictable as your typical Tinder match; this city is infamous for thirty degree disparities in a twenty-four hour time period.

So, how’s a local to dress with mornings that chill to the bone chased off by afternoons where sweat beads slide down the spine like wet lemmings?

My key is to dress to adapt. Meaning, wear immediately malleable outfits that yield to a simple re-purpose to meet changing temperature needs throughout the day. Below are two outfits that translate into four unique looks while seamlessly marrying both fabulous style and multi-temperature utility.

Warning : iPhone photography and a stunningly handsome but begrudging clothing model lie ahead.

Outfit 1 : Sweater Together  

My first outfit blends classic Americana inspiration with millennial sass. The outfit’s upper half consists of a preppy vintage acrylic v-neck cable sweater coupled with an equally preppy cream polo. Bright green rings circling the sweater’s sleeves and neck rebel against more conservative color formations and afford a tart segue to yellow jeans that shine like a bikini bottom from a designer swimsuit collection. This outfit is aesthetically pleasing whether the sweater is worn in its most traditional sense for a cold and misty morning commute :

Or gently knotted around the shoulders for sweat reprieve when the sun shows its face around noon (when doing this, make sure to strategically vary lengths at which the sleeves hang, so you don’t look like an uppity country club member) :

Outfit 2 : Jacket Hackery

The second outfit exudes a rugged chic like “glamping” at its best, underpinned by gleefully thrifty pieces. This outfit works from both style and practical perspectives, whether with the dapper camel-colored suede jacket shielding from an annoyingly brisk morning :

Or lightly encased around the body, with the wearer’s bare arms enjoying freedom on a decidedly less frigid afternoon. The trick to properly rocking a jacket off the shoulders is to ensure said jacket is as blazer-like as possible (eg, tight, svelte, and fitted), not bulky and oversized. This way, you you won’t look like Luke Skywalker hefting around the Tauntaun he dissected in Empire Strikes Back.

Worn right, your jacket will drape off the shoulders like the best cape you’ve never owned :

Despite the camel jacket’s “wow” factor, let’s not overlook an underdog piece in the second outfit : the summery button-up shirt. Why? Because its pink-lemonade-meets-red-wine-sangria patchwork proudly sprouts from beneath a loud vest, and the shirt is both fierce and traditionally familiar in its message. Remember, just because your outfit can produce two practical looks doesn’t mean either look will be fashionably memorable unless you splash in fun, season-bending colors to endow your outfit with that extra zip and pop.

From a personal style standpoint, Northern California’s weather can either be viewed as cumbersome and inconvenient, or as a platform for which one can creatively flex sartorial muscle. I choose to subscribe to the second mindset not because I’m an optimist, but because I’m vain and devoted to style versatility. I also believe that with the right amount of creativity, ability to let clothes work with and for you, and commitment to colorful, sassy twists on classic concepts, anyone can devise and pull off fabulous, temperature-adaptable looks.

Now, it’s time to go soak in some warm San Francisco sunshine and have a sangria, enjoy a blissfully sunny, buzzed afternoon that will be swept away by near-freezing evening winds. But what to wear?

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Wardrobe Remix: Leah

Wardrobe Remix Leah 6

Note: Wardrobe Remix is a series of posts inspired by creative ways to get more out of your wardrobe during a seasonal change. To view similar posts, check the “Wardrobe Remix” tag.

wardrobe-remixColder weather and I have a love/hate relationship. On one hand, I hate being cold. On the other, I love being able to put multiple layers of clothes on and be snuggled up in a toasty clothing cocoon. Every year, I find myself struggling to have enough variety in my winter wardrobe, so this year I started preparing in July (no judgment). The thought of paying $50 for a sweater makes me want to cry, so I went to the one place I knew would be budget friendly no matter how many things I found: Goodwill. Continue reading