Easy Toddler Craft: Nature Flat Lays

I feel that it’s important to teach our children to look for beauty in everything. I created this little craft activity to enjoy the wonders of nature.

My son loves it when we take pictures with my smartphone’s camera. I have a durable case that makes me comfortable letting him hold it with supervision. So, I decided to share my love of creating flat lay photography with him.

Nature Flat Lays for Little Toddler Hands

Time Filled: 30-45 minutes

Materials: Bucket or Bag, Sticks, stones and other items from nature

To start, we collected items from the yard and nature trails that he found interesting. Then, we arranged them on a white background. It took a little while to explain to him. We did many versions, not pictured here. Mostly, he enjoyed placing multiple items in rows.

We made a game of flipping them different ways and talking about “matches.”

We snapped a photo together. The fun in this is more in the collecting of the items. It kept his attention and I could see us doing this again in the future.


I’m considering printing these as magnets or framed wall prints to give him a chance to enjoy his art over the long term. We may try to do something for each letter of the alphabet (Acorn, Berries, Cattails, etc.) I think it could be fun to make a series of alphabet magnets with these images and the matching letter.

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