How My Planner Helps Me Get Stuff Done as a Mom

I had an easy pregnancy then, a startlingly difficult birth and post-natal health. I had undiagnosed preeclampsia that wasn’t discovered until 2 weeks after my due date. By that time, I was getting ill and my expectations for birth were shattered.

I was on a clock to preserve my health and the baby’s health.

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How to Be More Productive

Watercolor of desert

I’m not busy.

It’s a strange thing to say. When is the last time you heard that phrase? Can you remember the last time you said it?

I am not busy. I have not been busy for a long time. It’s a choice and most people don’t understand.

Some may automatically argue that I have it easier. If only I lived their lives I would realize why it is so necessary to be busy.

I call B.S.

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