Danielle Verderame  |  Writing and Design Portfolio

My writing and design portfolio includes selected marketing, writing and design projects. These featured collaborations reflect my creative style and philosophy.

My career grew from an excuse to listen to stories. I love talking to people about their ideas. I live to research trends and uncover something fresh. I devour data to uncover business opportunities. I dig into human behavior to find that sweet spot.

Marketing, freelance writing, and creative content all start with listening to people’s stories. Then, I find a way to turn that into a universal truth that will move the masses.

Over the years, I’ve challenged myself by working for clients, agencies, and publications. During my day jobs, I’ve finished degrees, updated certifications, and picked up skills from anyone willing to share. As a result, I have built a versatile resume.

It’s time this industry dropped the buzzwords and focused on the things that really make a difference. Anyone can make promises, use the latest technology, or generate big ideas from a brainstorm. Few deliver on contracts, apply tested principles, and break lofty concepts into a list of concrete projects.

That’s what I do.