I worked with Kayla and Gilded to develop the Wine Wall, in real life and virtually. We developed a promotion program, landing page, social media campaign, email campaign, shelf talkers, and events to sell the wine Kayla selected for the store.

Promotional Text:


Gilded’s Wine Wall

Lets be honest — wine can be snooty and overwhelming.

We’ve been there — the sweaty palms in the grocery store aisle, or the heart palpitations at the fancy restaurant scanning a wine list that seems to be written in pig Latin.

We’ve created a space that makes wine fun and allows anyone from any wine background to make informed and confident choices in order to take home and discover wine they truly will enjoy.


Oh hello there!
My name is Kayla Cook
and I am so monstrously thrilled to get the chance to share my love of taste and knowledge of wine with the Gilded community.

A little about me

I am a Virginia native but half of my heart is in Southern California where I lived for the past few years.
My first love in this life is food. As my last name ironically states- cooking for others is my love language.
I graduated with a BS in Cinematic Arts, but decided I wanted to drink wine instead.
I have achieved level 2 with distinction through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and am actively working towards my level 3. And as if I didn’t already know enough about wine, I also plan to pursue a viniculture & enology degree in the near future.

If you happen to see me around, say hi! I would love to help you discover your new favorite bottle.