The (Wo)Man Behind the Curtain

Sometimes, the best communication professionals are invisible. Sometimes, people feel more important with the bluster of solving a problem. I take pride in the disasters avoided and the public relation nightmares curbed. For example, I once fixed a situation for one of my clients that to this day is unknown. As part of thier brand, they had a notable landmark that was regularly photographed. Upon taking new photos, I realized that someone had marked it with a subtle obscenity. Throughout my department, a photograph containing the obscenity had been widely distributed. Although I was only a marketing manager for a portion of the department, I quickly quelled the talk of all involved in this discovery. No word of the finding leaked. Additionally, I quickly pulled together a plan to reprint and replace all materials using that image, with the help of a reverse image search and an tech-savvy designer. This, and an estimated cost to correct all instances was what I quietly, yet urgently, brought to my VP.

To date, no word of this incident leaked past our department, except for the team that I sent to actually physically fix the landmark and remove the offending phrase.


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