Virginia Getting Married

I like to write but, to say that I’m a pure journalist is not accurate. Magazines sell when the content is good. Magazines make money when they sell adspace. How do you get the two to work together? You hire someone like me.

Pomp and Pedigree

I’m not too snobby to write with the direction to include a few advertisers. In fact, I thrive on that challenge. I studied advertising, not journalism. This means I have a history of forcing myself to care about issues that align with my client’s interests. Thus, the natural transition from pure adcopy to stronger storytelling began. I needed to find ways to wrap a theme around promoting local businesses to break into this new field of writing. While I appreciate the work it takes to earn a Pulitzer, the rest of us have to eat.

The balance comes with integrity. I won’t write something I feel is untrue or a bad fit for the story. However, I conduct deep and wide interviews to find strong connections between the article outline and the business owner. This creates helpful, engaging content for the reader that also boosts the local community.

Below are some examples of how I’ve worked with local magazines to promote local bridal businesses.


  1. Oops! I Forgot…, Central Virginia Bridal Guide, Fall 2016
  2. Wedding Budgets, Central Virginia Bridal Guide, Fall 2016
  3. Gram It! , Central Virginia Bridal Guide, Fall 2015
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Pre-Wedding Celebrations, Hitched, April 2016

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