Christmas Bulb iPhone Wallpaper

Christmas Bulb iPhone Wallpaper


This design is free to download and use on your personal phone. For this design, I drew each bulb by hand on paper. Then, I digitized them and created a holiday-inspired pattern.

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Christmas Bulb iPhone Wallpaper

For this design, I revisted a previous pattern. I wanted to do an outline version of my whimsical Christmas bulbs. As I worked on the design, I realized I wanted to create the visual impact of looking at lights in the dark. So, I chose soft colors for a lights and placed them on a blue-black background. The end result is a minimalist-inspired Christmas bulb iPhone wallpaper.

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If you’re like me, it’s nice to have a break from staring at screens. That’s why start all my designs on paper. Then, I digitize them and turn them into printable art. Each piece is created to be collected and shared.

I release my favorite designs as free phone wallpapers. If you liked this design, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook /daniverderame. I hope you enjoy this wallpaper inspired by the aster bloom.


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