May 2021 Wallpaper


This phone wallpaper features May’s birth flower, the lovely hawthorn tree. This design is free to download and use.



This phone wallpaper features May’s birth flower, the lovely hawthorn tree. This May 2021 design is free to download and use.

white and odorous with blossom,
framing the quiet fields,
and swaying flowers and grasses,
and the hum of bees.

“Trees” by F.S. Flint

Hawthorn, also called the thornapple, is a small tree and member of the rose family. It has simple, toothed leaves and white or pink flowers.

  • Crataegus Monogyna: The hawthorn is a tree of magical enchantment, associated with Beltone, the ancient spring festival. In Celtic mythology, it is sacred, symbolizing love and protection
  • Maypoles and Hedges: People would use these trees to make maypoles. Also, it was woven into a growing fence called a hedgerow to grant protection
  • The Fairy Tree:  In mythology, fairies live under hawthorn trees as guardians. However, their blooms may be respectfully harvested by brides.
  • The Equalizer: The tree facilitates transformation because it equalizes fortunes. Extreme conditions are balanced by the opposite, like the thorns with flowers.

Flower of the Month Postcards

I have also created a collection of postcards is inspired by the flowers for each month. The front of each card features a minimalist design that highlights the beauty of each flower. The back contains room for your message and mailing information. They add a personal touch to any birthday greeting. Or you can buy several with your own birth month to celebrate your personal flower. Check them out if you like this design.

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If you’re like me, it’s nice to have a break from staring at screens. That’s why start all my designs on paper. Then, I digitize them and turn them into printable art. Each piece is created to be collected and shared.

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