Water Lily iPhone Wallpaper

Water Lily iPhone Wallpaper


This design is free to download and use on your personal phone. The water lily flower design evokes innocence and grief. The beautiful sage green reminds me of gentle waters on a warm summer afternoon.



My designs are free for private use. Please just credit me if you repost or share. Click on any of the images to download to your device.

Water Lily Flower Meaning

For the month of July, I studied the water lily. During a time of turmoil, I appreciated its affiliation with spirituality and rebirth. Indeed, the bloom shines yellow-white against the murkiest of swamps and rivers.

The water lily is a highly symbolic flower, although its meaning varies from culture to culture. Personally, I tend to associate it with purity and grief and always imagined that Ophelia was surrounded by water lilies during her final moments of Hamlet.

t’s a very symmetrical bloom, which tested my freewheeling style of sketching. I tried to draw out that characteristic while maintaining the whimsy of rippling petals on the water’s surface. My favorite depictions (although slightly obvious) remain Monet’s impressionist studies. I hope I can see them in person some day.

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If you’re like me, it’s nice to have a break from staring at screens. That’s why start all my designs on paper. Then, I digitize them and turn them into printable art. Each piece is created to be collected and shared.

I release my favorite designs as free phone wallpapers. If you liked this design, be sure to follow me on Instagram @verdera.me and Facebook /daniverderame. I hope you enjoy this wallpaper inspired by the aster bloom.

Flower of the Month Postcards

If you like this free wallpaper, you’ll love my collection of postcards inspired by the flowers for each month. My postcard project focuses on symbolism. I am obsessed with communication and symbolism plays a large role in creative writing. Flowers, in particular, have been used as symbols throughout history.

January | Snowdrop | Hope

February | Primrose | Youth & Everlasting Existence

March | Daffodil | New Beginnings

April | Sweet Pea | Greetings & Common Kindness

May | Hawthorn | Love & Protection

June | Honeysuckle | Togetherness & Friendship

July | Water Lily | Innocence & Grief

August | Gladiolus | Honor & Remembrance

September | Aster | Charm & Wisdom

October | Marigold | Passion & Bravery

November | Peony | Prosperity & Good Luck

December |  Narcissus | Good Wishes

The front of each card features a minimalist design that highlights the beauty of each flower. The back contains room for your message and mailing information. They add a personal touch to any birthday greeting. Or you can buy several with your own birth month to celebrate your personal flower.


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