I can design and build an online store to promote your products. My process creates beautiful, custom stores that are easy for you to edit. Then, I train you to take over and maintain the store. You will be able to edit the products, track your orders, and update the content.

Each of the packages below expands my key strategic features. The “Essentials” package includes a new e-store and a landing page with a form for your customer loyalty program. The “Optimized” package creates a website that includes the customer loyalty landing page and adds several key SEO tasks that will help you rank better on search for keywords related to your products. The “Integrated” package includes several strategic inbound advertising initiatives in addition to the customer loyalty landing page and the SEO optimization. 

I offer these three different packages that combine the most popular features and services for WordPress Websites that use WooCommerce. If your e-store doesn’t exactly fit these packages, feel free to reach out to me for a quote.

The Essentials

$3000One-Time Fee
  • Website Design and Build
  • Customer Loyalty Program Funnel


$4000One-Time Fee
  • Website Design and Build
  • Optimized for SEO


$5000One-Time Fee
  • Website Design and Build
  • Integrated with Paid Advertising Campaign

If you need ongoing help with an online store or promotion for products, check out my agency The Shop Shop. I’ve brought together a small team that specializes in marketing services for makers, eStores, and retailers. We’re ready to maintain, manage, and promote your store on any platform including WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Square Online (Weebly), Comment Sold, Pinterest Shops, and Meta (Facebook/Instagram) Shops.

Working with us is simple. I am the main point of contact on all my accounts. I visit in person or schedule phone calls to discuss your projects. My team members are all located in Central VA and we work together closely. We’ll make sure your products are online and ready to sell. And you can get back to the parts of your business that you love.

Example Projects

A New Design/Build Project

Launching a Pop-Up on Comment Sold

CSS Changes to an Existing Shopify Site
& Linking to Facebook/Instagram Shopping

Rebranding An Existing Website

The Essentials

  • Website Setup and Admin: Setting up hosting, purchasing domain name, setting up the theme, and creating a Google Analytics account.
  • Website Design: Creating 3 options for a Homepage design for the client to review, 2 rounds of edits from the client
  • Conversion Funnel: Design a path to a landing page with a form featuring a customer loyalty program offer.
  • Website Build + Testing: Building the website, adding content, and performance testing.
  • Website Launch: Launch website and testing performance.
  • Website Connections: Linking the website to your social accounts and finalizing Google Analytics for tracking.
  • Automated Google Analytics report tracking website traffic, incoming traffic sources, and customer behavior flow.

Client Provides

  • Logo, Brand Colors, Graphic Elements
  • Approved Images
  • Approved Text
  • Form Fields
  • 3 products with approved images and text


Includes all of the services listed in “The Essentials”, plus:

  • Keyword Research and Sitemap improvement
  • Optimizing all Website Pages with SEO title, Meta Data, focus keywords and image alt text
  • Optimizing all products with SEO title, Meta Data, focus keywords and image alt text
  • Strategic backlinks on key products
  • Local SEO including backlinks to 3 referral sites
  • Automated, monthly report to track key SEO metrics

Client Provides

  • Logo, Brand Colors, Graphic Elements
  • Approved Images
  • Approved Text
  • Form Fields
  • 3 products with approved images and text


Includes all of the services listed in “The Essentials” and “Optimized” packaged, plus:

  • Connections with a CRM and three template emails.
  • Coordinated descriptions, backlinks, and graphics for 3 social media profiles
  • 5 graphic templates for 3 social media platforms
  • 3-month social media schedule with both organic and paid posts
  • 3-month Google Ad Strategy

Client Provides

  • Logo, Brand Colors, Graphic Elements
  • Approved Images
  • Approved Text
  • Form Fields
  • 3 products with approved images and text

Timeline: 4-12 Weeks

After the initial meeting, the project will take 4-12 weeks. The timeline varies depending on the speed of client communication and approval. If approvals move more quickly, we can adjust the launch date. If approvals lag, the launch date will need to be moved out accordingly.

The Process

Phase One

When you work with me, communication is everything. At the first meeting, we will identify the primary person approving the creative and anyone who you would like kept in the loop. We will discuss your project goals and brand.

Phase Two

Next, I develop a strategy and creative based on our prior discussions. I send these for review and edits. Most of the time, this takes place over email. We can also set up a video meeting to review the visual aspects of the project.

Phase Three

Once you approve the final version, I will launch the creative. At this time, we discuss any ongoing tracking or reporting related to your project.

Next Steps

If you need help setting up an e-store, contact me for an initial listening meeting.  During that meeting, we will discuss the following questions:

  • Do you have an online store currently? If so, how is it performing for you?
  • Where do you currently sell your goods?
  • How do you organize your product catalog?
  • What assets do you already have (logo, branding, product photography)?
  • Who is your ideal customer?

Additionally, feel free to contact me about any marketing challenge you are facing today!

The packages above are focused on only the design and build aspect of the website. However, I also offer the following related services if needed. I can quote these in addition to the flat rate above.

Related Services

You can see all my services by clicking HERE.

  • Brand Guide: This outlines your brand colors, font, logo and key message to create consistency across all your marketing projects.
  • Branding Photography: This includes both environmental and staged images that capture the spirit of your store. This may include creative or flat lay images of your products, employee headshots, and textures to use as backgrounds on your website.
  • Web Content: I can organize and edit your content for the web. I can meet any Flesch-Kinkaid score to ensure the correct reading level for your audience. Additionally, I match the tone, format, and voice of your brand. 
  • Product Photography: This includes product shots at all appropriate angles to help a customer view the product. Usually, this is on a white backdrop with my lightbox.
  • Product Listings: I can edit your product listings to optimize them for search. I can match your brand voice while also hitting the requested Flesch-Kinkaid score.

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