Track these in your planner to boost your positivity

black eyed susan pattern for device wallpaper with pink background

When I think of a character that radiates positivity, without being saccarine, I remember Anne Shirley. She’s a tad melodramatic at the beginning of the “Anne of Green Gables” series.

Overall, she is a thoughtful person who shapes her worldview around a belief that good things will come to her.

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How to Improve Your Life Using a Journal

One year, I accidentally had a summer of reading memoirs — or memior-like fiction. I picked up several from the library and devoured them for weeks. They included well know works like Lolita and Memoirs of a Geisha. Some of them were long-time must reads like Wintergirls and The Bell Jar. Others were of-their-time impulse reads like Prozac Nation, Wasted and Girl, Interrupted.

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