Tips For Your First Craft Fair

This time last year, I wouldn’t have even considered setting up shop at a craft fair. I had been working on projects for years but never considered my work marketable. However, a little bit of encouragement from friends and fellow artists challenged me to consider bringing my work to the public. As part of that process, I read a lot of advice articles. Some where helpful but many were just sales pitches for printed materials. Continue reading

I don’t have an Etsy Shop… here’s why

Camera Themed Wallpaper for Desktop Backgrounds or Lock Screens

Here I go again on my own. Customers sometimes ask me if I have an Etsy shop. I have several reasons why I decided not to create an Etsy shop. Essentially, it doesn’t fit with my current values for Verderamade. Below are some of the reasons why artists and crafters might decide to strike out on their own. Continue reading