How to use a planner to boost your creativity

Pink pattern wallpaper for devices with mushroom doodles

Sometimes, I go to art galleries and simply stand in awe. I don’t have an art degree, or even a body of creative work. So, the thought of developing a collection of studio art is awe-striking to me.

I wonder if I could ever be so creative.

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100 Ideas to Use Extra Paint

If you love to craft and create, you know that most projects leave you with leftover supplies. These bits and bobbles can pile up. Previously, I posted about ways to organize your work space, which includes using old supplies. In that post, I mentioned that one of the most common leftover supplies is extra paint. While some paints, like watercolors, keep over time, others dry up or turn sour. Below are some ideas that use small amounts of paint that can use up your extra stores. Continue reading