Grow Your Own Lucky Bamboo

cool coffee table

Maybe you bought your bamboo on an impulse walking around an open-air market. Lucky bamboo’s popularity stems from easy maintenance and low-key watering routine. In fact, the plant grows well in difficult environments like offices or dingy apartments. With time, you’ll find that the leaves grow tall and stretch toward the light. With that growth, you can actually propagate your lucky bamboo plant(similar to those crazy romaine lettuce videos). Continue reading

3 Tips to Propagate Jade

First, my cat ripped my jade plant out of the pot. In her defense, I moved it to the sunniest spot in my home for the winter season. Determined to save the plant, I consulted the internet for tips. Although a cat attack isn’t the ideal starting point, I was able to save a lot of the stems and replant them. Below are some lessons I learned in the process. Continue reading