Spring 2017 Hair

rainbow hair

Stylists say the Mick Jagger shag shows early signs of a 2017 comeback. Given the recent American division over authoritarianism, hair-styling continues to express subtle cultural changes.Historically, politics and style always collide as an outlet for protest. Therefore, we should expect to see a severe split between the backward-facingAlt-Right definition of beauty (Nipster comb-over for men and flowing “Melania” locks for women) and trends toward inclusive textures and colors.


Olivia Wilde’s controversial chop marks the beginning. Although the prolific Coco Channel said, “‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life,” this year may be a year of growing out our hair for a reshape. What is the biggest indicator of 2017 hair trends? History.  Looking back to divisive times in America yields a plethora of hairstyle splits. Soon, America’s trendsetters will start abandoning the trim Inglorious Bastards hairstyles (1920s-1950s) for the rebellious textures of the Cold War decades (1960s-1990s).

The Lost Generation gives Birth to the Bikini

Bette Davis’ Character Transformation in Now, Voyager (Image Source)

At the turn of the century, a portion of country clung to familiar styles even as The Lost Generation itched for change. For every fictional Daisy Fay Buchanan, there lived real, conservative women who idolized Francis Willard. During the economic boom after World War I, America embraced a social dynamism. Although both the Nazi Party and communism rose across the ocean,  America revived both patriotism and cultural appreciation.

However, while we rosily think of flappers, female employment, and suffrage, these constituted dividing issues that manifested in style changes. Prohibition began in 1919, kicking off organized crime, smuggling, and general disillusionment. As with any cultural revolution, great minds inspired change through ingenuity, activism, and art. However, during these three decades, parts of American also became more isolationist and segregated with the Immigration act of 1924, the Ku Klux Klan growth, and fear of the influences beyond our borders. This manifested as a deep division between the fashion-forward, in both their thinking and apparel, and the out-of-date.

Hairstyle changes included:

  • Shorter Cuts
  • Tight Curls and Clean Waves
  • Chemical Dyes and Hair Products

However, these trends were tempered by many women who clung to the old ways through to the second World War. In the film, Now, Voyager, Charlotte Vale epitomizes the transition of women’s hairstyles from tight, natural buns to choppy, styled bobs. From the Twenties through the Fifties, the definition of modernity continued to shift and expand to align with moving forward. Then, rebellion against status quo kicked off a new era of counter-cultural hair.

From Factory Girls to Girl Power

60s Mia Farrow, 70s Pam Grier, 80s Joan Jett, and 90s Selena

If the past five years revived of the sharp looks of the two World Wars, we are likely moving into the rebellious styles that started in the sixties. This means everyone needs to grow out their hair to reshape it into a fresh style. Those fades will morph into 90s Leo tousled bangs. Or, perhaps, they’ll be shaved off altogether for an immediate break from the election drama. Similarly, long-haired ladies will chop their long ombre waves before they become this year’s 00’s chunky highlights.

Coming next: Tight bobs and pixie cuts can shift between mod and shag month-to-month for ultimate versatility. Also, we should expect to see a revival of roots, natural hair textures, and some grungy inspiration. Anyone who yearns move on from 2016, will likely opt for something less sleek.

Hairstyle trends to watch:

  • Transitional hairstyles, such as shags, space buns, and braids
  • Natural Textures and Roots
  • Gender-bending or Androgynous grooming
  • Asymmetrical trims and zig-zag parts

Those who thought 2016 was pretty good, will keep their hair the same as the last decade. The rest of us, might start measuring time in centimeters as each passing month (and folic acid pill) brings us through this crazy, changing world.

Measuring Time in Centimeters

Willow Smith’s Asymmetrical locks, Ilana Glazer’s soft texture, Miley Cyrus’ growing-out roots, and Chloe Moretz’ throwback shag

Counting through facebook, I actually sported 5 different haircuts and colors in 2016. However, I am already inspired to change my look for the new year. This spring, I’m surrendering my modern interpretation on the classic Vidal Sassoon 5-point cut. Without maintenance, the ends lost their shape.

Un-ironically, I am currently reliving my high school saga of transitioning a pixie to shoulder-length strands. So, I’m collecting bobby-pin and headband updos (below). Also, I’ve been clarifying the strands with a rotation of baking soda and apple-cider vinegar for a natural texture. Are you tired of looking at the same hair in the mirror, too? Sound off about your style shifts in the comments below.