Bad Girl to the Bone

Bad Girl Wardrobe Metallic Oxford Shoes

Adding a little edge to your wardrobe layers versatility and personality to all of your looks. From combat boots to fantastic flair pins, much of the bad girl look has moved from costume to classic. If fashion is where function meets fantasy, then the bad girl wardrobe is an exercise in prediction. It’s a moment to control how you are perceived and that perception is definitely not too soft. Instead, you can look down during a dreary workday and think, “Yeah, I’m with the band.”

Betty Davis Eyes

Rough eye makeup is really as timeless as the classic cat-eye. Smudging up your eyeliner is the first step away from your mother’s makeup routine, soon to be followed by testing your best friend’s cherry red lipstick. I lean toward this anytime my look is just a bit too precious, balancing out light colors and lace. Something about a sultry, smudgy eye says, “I won’t be broken.” Look back to the classic sassy girls, from Betty Rizzo to  Veronica Sawyer, for inspiration in less-than-perfect splashes of makeup.


marya hornbacher quoteA great bad girl wardrobe is mixed with pieces that look like they were stolen permanently borrowed. Whether it’s boyfriend jeans, an over-sized biker jacket, men’s oxford shoes, or a slouchy Bonnie Parker beret, nothing should fit too perfectly. This panache of thrift-store dressing adds an authenticity to the rockstar runaway look.

Top of the List:

  • Sarah Connor, Terminator 2
  • Faith, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
  • Flaca and Maritza, Orange is the New Black
  • Letty Ortiz, Fast and the Furious
  • Jessica Jones, Jessica Jones
  • River Song, Doctor Who

It’s Complicated

All of this requires a cut-in-a-gas-station-bathroom shag haircut — air dried and over-dyed. From Debbie Harry to Taylor Momsen, this hairstyle works best two days dirty from sweating it out at a concert. The complexity comes from constantly adding layers to the look. A random strand of white — like Rayanne Graff– or a bit of leather and feather, should look like it’s added after the initial styling.

Your Pinning Keywords:

  • Joan Jett
  • Winona Ryder Reality Bites
  • Ally Sheedy Breakfast Club
  • Stevie Nicks

All of these shags say, “I don’t give a –” without even lifting a finger. Plus, they’re low maintenance. So you can focus on other things, like ruling at whatever it is you do.

“Now you and me we’re both the same, but you call yourself by different names,” Donna Summer, Bad Girls

Inspired by the bad girls, these looks balance out the conformity of the everyday to subtly remind everyone that you’re not going to be pushed around. From makeup to hair to shoes, fashion often doubles as armor and these details are tough as nails.

Who are your favorite Bad Girl icons?