In 2022, Live Trendy or Die decided to rebrand with a new logo, messaging, and design elements. They already had an established brick-and-mortar store as well as a known, local brand. This adjustment meant defining the fonts, tightening up the color palette, and reimagining their logo. This was compiled in a quick visual guide for easy reference.

Additionally, I developed easy-to-use Canva templates. My team and sometimes their staff members used these to create promotional posts.

We also updated their existing website with this new color palette and logo.

Finally, we decided to move toward a branding campaign that would bring all of the owner’s businesses into alignment. So, I developed messaging about their three businesses “…on church street…”. Visually, this concept required a design element to bring them together. Illustrator Rachel Knaus and I worked together and she created a graphic of the building.

We used this redesign to strengthen their brand and expand their audience.