Myths about “Buying Local” for the Holidays

When I start making my holiday shopping list, my first instinct is to go online. In fact, with all the personality quizzes and free shipping deals, it seems more convenient. But, then I remember that the holidays should include enjoying experiences that make memories. In the local Lynchburg area, great effort is put into decorating…

Folie à Deux from “The Bell Jar”

Upon reading this often-referenced, near-memoir, I endeavored to seek out universal meaning of The Bell Jar beyond the feminist angst of mid-century Americana. This is not a story about a weak woman, a torn person, or a thinly-veiled autobiography of an addled author. It’s a screech in the darkness, a song with no words, as…

Poe Writes Your Ultimate Nightmare

I’m celebrating October by revisiting creepy stories, such as the celebrated weirdness of Edgar Allan Poe. Denounced as his most violent and crass work, Berenice combines several of Edgar Allan Poe’s favorite elements to tell the story of the Narrator, Egaeus’s descent into madness. Engaged to be married to Berenice, Egaeus becomes fixated on her…

Wardrobe Remix: Sarah

We all know the 90s grunge and vintage styles are back (unless you didn’t, and in that case I’m glad I could enlighten you today).

Wardrobe Remix: Hendrick

Warning : iPhone photography and a stunningly handsome but begrudging clothing model lie ahead.