Vendor Checklist

Getting ready for a fair or festival is an exciting yet, list-worthy process. Here are my top tips for what should be on your Vendor Checklist.

Questions to Ask Before You Buy

If you’re interested in a lifestyle focused on careful consumption, you will find yourself questioning every purchase. Here are some of the questions I use during the buying process.

Bad Girl Wardrobe

She’s got Greta Garbo’s standoff sighs. She’s got Bette Davis eyes.

My Rules for Religious Art

As a maker, I have realized that I have certain personal rules for my work that dictate some of my decisions. This quirk is something I only recently noticed during a discussion with another artist. Even though I am devout, I make little religious art. In fact, I sell even less. To date, I only…

Healthy Eating, Food Regulation, and “The Jungle”

The origins of our food is currently a hot topic, with literary origins. Whenever people become aware of their consumption habits, questions about food emerge. Within this history is the novel The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. The contrast between the intention of the author and the reaction of to his novel, inspired me to read…

10 Books that Did Not Live Up to the Hype

Have you ever noticed a huge disconnect between a book’s reputation and the actual words between the covers? When a reader cozies up to devour A Walk to Remember, they do it expecting a trite, feel good love story. When they flip through an Alex Cross novel, they anticipate murder, mystery, and quips.  Some books, however,…

How to Shrink a Collection

While most collectors talk about growing a collection, minimalists look for ways to shrink their belongings. Below are some tips on how to decide which trinkets stay as a part of your beloved collection.

4 Tips to Propagate Jade

First, my cat ripped my jade plant out of the pot. In her defense, I moved it to the sunniest spot in my home for the winter season. Determined to save the plant, I consulted the internet for tips. Although a cat attack isn’t the ideal starting point, I was able to save a lot…