I interviewed April to create a bio that introduced her as the co-owner of the new shop, Rhodora. I also took her headshot to accompany the eBlast and Instagram post.

Bio Text:

Meet April the Co-Owner of Rhodora | April handles the financial side of Rhodora like running reports, paying the bills, and monitoring inventory. If you want to say “hi”, she tends to work the counter at 2204 Bedford Ave. 

“I love seeing the people. Customers are happy we’re here. Even if they don’t buy anything that day, they’re planning to come back soon,” she explains.

April and Steph have been collaborating for almost a decade. In the early days of Live Trendy or Die, April would assist Steph with merchandising, prepping the store, and pulling shifts behind the counter. They’ve kept in touch over the years with April picking up Live Trendy’s bookkeeping in December 2022. 

April recalls, “Steph said, ‘I really need to go to market’ during lunch. She wanted a travel partner and, I said, ‘Let’s go.’”

During the Nashville Spring market, April took product photos for their order. 

“I had no idea what was going on it was so fast. We came out of that show with about 150 styles – in a day and a half. I hear that’s nothing compared to Atlanta’s show.”

After that trip, they decided to team up for Rhodora. 

“It’s like things have come full circle,” April explains. “It was a great time in my life to dive right in.”

She’s excited about the possibilities for this new concept. 

“I can’t take credit for how it looks – that’s all Steph. We love bringing our skill sets together.”

Co-owning Rhodora with Steph makes April proud. When people walk in the door, April wants them to feel “…happy. This is a happy place.” 

And the feel-good vibes are here to stay.


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