I was drawn to this direct mail project for two reasons. First, I enjoy projects where I can assist other women. I came alongside a young woman who wants to get involved in her community. Second, I’ve never done a strictly political project. So, I stretched my knowledge and did a little research to make sure we included all the proper disclosures.

Veronica was running for National delegate at the 6th District Republican Convention. She got in touch with me through a referral. This project started as a direct mail campaign and continued to include an email blast and campaign stickers.

Although some of the event details changed because of COVID-19, we were able to rouse support for her campaign.

Direct Mail Postcard

Because Veronica had access to a solid contact list, we opted to create a Direct Mail Postcard. I suggested a standard “small” postcard at 5.47″ x 4.21″. This size gives you room for a large image on the front, a message on the back, and the postage fees are lower than larger mailers.

Postcard example

To start, I created 3 design concepts based on three different directions. The first option was a minimalist design (based on my own design style). It used a quirky font, Ultra, and featured a rounded center to draw the eye.

The second design featured a motif pulled from history. The script font, ribbon design elements, and muted colors mirrored historical documents. I based the final option on classic political posters with stars, boxed type, distinct typography. In particular, the Diner font brought a retro feel to the headline. Veronica chose the third option, with a color update on the stars to match her blue shirt. After we completed the design, I formatted her mailing list before handing the elements off to the printer.

Email Blast

Email header Example

Since Veronica already had a solid list, we developed an email blast with a similar message to the postcard. The text was more detailed because the email allowed more room than the postcard.

I built the email template to match her postcard design and the body featured similar elements. I also set her up with her own CRM (formatting and uploading her contact list), that she can use again in the future — if needed. We ended up sending a second email blast with a portion of her campaign speech because the event schedule changed.

Campaign Sticker

Sticker Example


We also created a campaign sticker for her supporters to wear on the day of the event. The round stickers were 3″ and diameter — featuring the same typography as her email blast and postcard.

Direct Mail Projects

At the convention, Veronica earned the necessary votes to secure her place as a delegate. For a local event or campaign, direct mail can create awareness if the project stands out in mailboxes. You just need to think about what will make the message distinct from the other junk that shows up with the daily delivery.

Whenever possible, keep your message brief and your graphics eye-grabbing. If you enjoyed this story, you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I post my recent projects, industry tips, and free graphics on both channels. Or you can keep reading for more marketing campaign ideas.

Danielle was an exceptional individual to work with. She was always timely with her work even when I wasn’t quite on top of things. She knew how to figure out what I wanted when trying to explain it in so many words (because I didn’t know marketing language:)) She was a huge part of my success in my endeavors. I highly recommend her and look forward to using her in the future!

Veronica Shikoski