Like most millennials, I have moved through several workplaces seeking both experience and education. My LinkedIn profile details the dates, titles and references. What you won’t read are the stories that made me the professional I am today… the way that I function within the world of communication. These are my stories and this is why I have maintained a passion for storytelling throughout my career.

For those on the search for a marketing professional for writing, social media, web, ad campaigns and more, I’m available for freelance projects.

bracelet charms

It’s All About That Blog

I can help you put together a tutorial for exposure on multiple channels.

the wizard behind the curtain

The (Wo)Man Behind the Curtain

To date, no word of this incident leaked past our department, except for the team that I sent to actually physically fix the landmark and remove the offending phrase.


Virginia Getting Married

I’ve worked with magazines to promote local bridal businesses. Balance and integrity create quality content.

White chair

You Got 99 Problems but,

…content doesn’t have to be one. Get in touch with me when you need a ghostwriter.