Virginia Marketing Agency

I am a writer first.  I specialize in content-heavy websites, bringing my 15 years of professional communication experience and my imaginative aesthetic to create a Virginia Marketing Agency. Most of the time, I optimize small business websites for search and social media to generate more traffic — and more sales. 

As inspiration strikes, I generate lifestyle or educational content for publications. Most of it focuses on small businesses, supporting local initiatives, creative inspiration, and communication or marketing theory.

On my profiles, you’ll find creative inspiration for your small business. Whether you work a side hustle or run a full-time LLC, your online presence will benefit from my experience. My articles highlight advice and ideas to attract your niche audience. 

Through Verderame, LLC. I offer my services to small businesses who need assistance with their websites, content, and search engine optimization. 

About Verderame, LLC.

In 2018, I formalized my freelance writing and marketing business by forming Verderame, LLC. (My Virginia Marketing Agency) in Lynchburg, Virginia. This brings together my experience writing for publications with my conversion-focused content marketing skills. Typically, I work with clients that are located in Central Virginia or have ties to the area. Proximity to clients facilitates a rich and authentic narrative with messaging, photography, and design elements that match your brand completely.

My services focus on WordPress websites (especially eStores) and search engine optimization. I’m also experienced on all the major platforms including Squarespace, Shopify, Meta’s Commerce Center (Facebook/Insta shops), Wix, and Weebly (Square). Related tactics include:

  • Copywriting
  • Product SEO
  • Product Photography
  • Instagram and Facebook Branding

I’m a writer first — with a command of design (graphic + web), photography, online tools, and strategic planning. My work stands out because I build designs around your audience’s preferences. I separate myself from other marketing professionals with:

  • Custom illustrations, patterns, and other design elements
  • Unique typography with an emphasis on readability on all browsers and devices
  • Specially-crafted messaging that speaks to your niche audience while also boosting SERP ranking

For over a decade, I’ve helped my clients expand their voices into new markets. You can learn more about my services HERE

About The Shop Shop

The Shop Shop is turning things up a notch for me.  In 2023, I launched a boutique Lynchburg Marketing agency under Verderame, LLC. And it’s all focused on retail. Our small team specializes in marketing services for makers, eStores, and retailers.

We’re ready to maintain, manage, and promote your store on any platform including WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Square Online (Weebly), Comment Sold, Pinterest Shops, and Meta (Facebook/Instagram) Shops.

Working with us is simple. I am the main point of contact on all my accounts. I visit in person or schedule phone calls to discuss your projects. My team members are all located in Central VA and we work together closely. We’ll make sure your products are online and ready to sell. And you can get back to the parts of your business that you love. Learn More at

About Verderamade by Danielle Verderame

I’ve launched a line of paper goods and digital assets created by me, Danielle Verderame. If you’re like me, it’s nice to have a break from staring at screens. That’s why I start all my designs on paper. Then, I digitize them and turn them into printable art.  Each piece is created to be collected and shared. You can find them in my online store ( or at several local stores and events.

Define your Desk

My desk is the place where I truly feel like myself. I rest my arms on the top, pencil in hand, with a sense of calm and belonging. In these moments, I know this is where I am supposed to be.

Desks are deeply personal spaces. They are our homes for hours each day as we work, study, think, or create. Our hands leave impressions on the surface. We leave little marks from painting projects or coffee cups. We hold down papers with memorabilia and prop up photos beside screens.

These workspaces become a part of us ⁠— a habitat. Why not celebrate that connection?

Verderamade by Danielle Verderame is a love story about my desk and all the things I like to do there. I write longhand in my journal, taking notes and planning projects. I doodle alongside my work. I look at a handmade frame with my son’s photo. I gaze past my screen at a thrifted lamp with a crooked shade. I pile papers in a mismatched basket and sort my pencils into secondhand mugs.

All of my paper goods are hand-drawn by me and then digitized for printing. These postcards, greeting cards, stationery, and prints are tools I would actually use at my own desk — that’s my criteria. Everything I put into the collection must be worthy of precious desk space.

I hope you enjoy using these treasures as much as I enjoyed making them.

Danielle Verderame, Owner, The Shop Shop, Virginia Marketing Agency