Your products are a big part of your brand’s story. When you run a small business, it can be easy to fall behind in promoting new inventory. Photos need to be taken. Listings must be created. As soon as you bring new things in, customers start picking them over. However, graphic designs for social media generate immediate sales and create an exciting reputation for your store. It creates a visual story for your brand. 

New Inventory Announcement

Whenever new inventory comes into your store, take some time to photograph the hottest items. Not only will it give you new content for social media it can also help provide images for branding. When photographing your inventory, consider taking the following shots.

  • Product Listing: Photograph your item in a well-lit space on a white background. Take the images from all angles including back, front, side, top, and bottom. Remove any stickers or tags that might distract from the beauty of the item.
  • Environmental: Photograph your item in the way it would be used. This might mean you need to put it in a new location with models. Keep the focus on the item and how someone could incorporate it into their life.
  • Flat Lay: Flat lay images are extremely popular, especially on Pinterest and Instagram. Arrange your items attractively and shoot them from above. Eye-catching arrangements often focus on a limited color palette or a visual theme.
  • Texture or Micro: Close up shots of images can be intriguing to the eye. Also, they work well for background images on your website, email blasts and social media cover photos.

As you experiment with taking photos, you’ll find motifs that work well for you. Often, simple ideas, like grouping different colors of the same product, can create a wonderful image.

If you need some art to promote the new inventory, download any of the files below. They can easily be layered on top of your own images.

Free Download! Social Media Art

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More Graphic Designs for Social Media

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