“But he has nothing on!” said a little child.

Writing a solid article takes time, connections, and experience.  When done correctly, your organization gains massive exposure through a legitimate news outlet. Working with a ghostwriter can help you put together a story that captures the attention and imagination of your target audience.

A Tale of Two Weavers

In the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes, two con artist weavers approach the insecure emperor of a fictional nation. Even though they have no fabric, they convince the emperor to pay them for a new royal outfit.

How did they do it?

They state that their materials can only be seen by the most intelligent people. As a result, the emperor, his advisers, and eventually the whole nation claim to see the wonderful outfit. They don’t want to appear foolish. However, one small child points out that the emperor has been parading in his underwear. This forces everyone to continue pretending they see the clothes, in spite of the absurd charade.

Throwing the Parade

This well-known tale shows the greatest flaw of the groupthink psychological phenomenon. To avoid upsetting the community, group members avoid alternate solutions or controversial issues. Instead, they hide their own creativity, leadership, and independent thinking.

In business, groupthink leads to mediocrity.

Innovators succeed. Followers fall behind.

In America, our free press encourages free thinking. We celebrate new ideas and innovations. But, you need to create something of real substance before you throw yourself a parade.

Hire a Ghostwriter

To get published by a legitimate outlet, you need a story with substance. Most organizations have a few great stories that would make a strong article. That requires conducting interviews, collecting facts, and compiling an excellent pitch.

An article pitch requires…

  • Understanding the publication’s audience
  • Developing a clear lead
  • Presenting your professional profile in a summary
  • Writing a summary of the article
  • Posing a deadline for printing

The publishing process takes time, experience, and connections. Busy CEOS, founders, and department heads shortcut the process by working with an experienced ghostwriter. The writer does the hard work of research, writing, and editing while capturing your unique voice. You finish the process by talking to the writer, reviewing the resulting article, and sending it out under your name.

Do You Need Exposure?

Articles and blog posts compose the bulk of my writing projects. However, the ghostwriting agreements prohibit me from taking credit for those in my portfolio. One example of my lifestyle writing can be seen in the article below. It promotes business interests while also assisting and amusing the reader.

When done correctly, these articles are entertaining or helpful to the reader.

The value to your organization?

It creates both exposure and goodwill.

Time, energy, organization, and experience get your article from a big idea to the press. You can keep up with your industry’s thought leaders by publishing strong editorials from time to time. If you struggle to make time to write, hire a ghostwriter who can help you put your thoughts down on paper.

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