1. Natural Lip, 2. I Rule, 3. I Create, 4. I Am Worth It 

I recently received a VoxBox via Influenster with 3 lipstains to test from L’Oreal. They’re part of the Rouge Signature collection. Prior to shipment, I filled out a questionaire about my hair color and skin tone. I’m fair with a warm undertone and brown, hazel eyes. My hair is actually dirty blonde but, I’ve recently dyed it red.

For these photos, I have brown eyeliner and mascara on. However, I have no other makeup like concealer or foundation to alter my skin’s pigment. I did photoshop these images to take some marks out of the wall in the background and to add a little bit of fill light. No other filters were used.

So, these colors are fairly true to life.


With a natural lip.


With “I Rule”


With ” I Create”


With “I Am Worth It”

Overall, I would definitely purchase these colors and this product in the future. The tones worked well for me and I was pleased with the quality of the product. As someone who doesn’t use makeup much, I struggled a little with the tear-drop shape applicator. However, I figured it out with some help from Youtube.

Tell Me About Your Lippies

Have you tried these lipstains? I’d love to hear about your experience with them. Let me know about your favorite products.