Do you ever find a darling account and go, “where has this been all my life?”

That’s what we’re celebrating today. While mocking things women like always seems to be in vogue (i.e. basic bitches), I remain an applauder of fans. From Comic Con to Zoe Deschanel acolytes, I say, “You do you.”

For someone with a strong minimalist aesthetic in real life, I often indulge my whimsical side. I love to look at (and sometimes make) pretty little things. Today, we’re not here for the haters. Today, I want to celebrate a few accounts that are apologetically pretty.

1. Brown Paper Bag

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This site celebrates illustration and embroidery. As the creator, Sara Barnes says, “On Brown Paper Bag, I share and celebrate illustration in its many forms, including embroidery and products. (They are not my work unless otherwise noted.)”

She consistently posts stitchwork and illustrations with happy themes like the kitty above. The blog curates similar content including interviews with creators.

2. The Jealous Curator

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The website aims to turn jealousy into inspiration. As the curator, Danielle Krysa explains, “I started the blog to document the work I loved, but more importantly, I wanted to find a way to flip the jealousy into something positive – admiration and inspiration to be specific. It worked! Within the first few months of writing posts I started to get excited about finding great work. I also learned that there are so many kinds of art out there – some that appealed to me, some that didn’t – which meant there must also a place for my art. I just had to start making it, and I did. What a relief.”

She regularly features contemporary artists with an emphasis on their creative process (including those pesky emotions like self-doubt.)

3. Bullet Journal Ideas

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This instagram feed highlights swoon-worthy layouts from weekly spreads to specific logs. If you’re looking to flex your pens and stickers, this account features some of the best bullet journal ideas on Instagram.

4. Mermaidens

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Living that pastel lifestyle, Kaily describes herself as, “I’m Kailey. Friendly neighborhood cat stalker, ice cream enthusiast, illustrator, and beauty writer. Based in the Portland, Oregon area.” Her blog features rainbow-hued journeys into beauty and fashion.

Blog Excerpt:

I shot these on a cold September evening with the very last rays of golden light to spotlight how the veils cast shadows on the face. Shooting these photos felt like a beautiful marriage of many of my favorite concepts and designers which that have been swirling around in my head for months: Meadham Kirchhoff, old favorite Victorian era ghost stories, and past shoots I’ve done with Hana Haley all served as inspiration.

5. Tassel Fairy

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Amina Mucciolo turned the rainbow self-portrait into an art form. Her account proclaims, “Amina Mucciolo is a unicorn, creative visionary, digital influencer and the entrepreneur behind the whimsical paper decor company, Studio Mucci. Often referred to as the Tasselfairy (after her brands most popular product, the tassel garland) Her candy-colored home and party décor is sold at major retailers like Urban Outfitters, Free People and Dolls Kill.”

Blog Excerpt:

It’s crazy how many of us look at people we admire and secretly wish we could accomplish what they did. But we totally can. I’m currently writing to you from underneath my blankets, with pimple cream on my face, while wearing a pancake onesie. Living your dreams doesn’t always look as picture-perfect as it may appear on Instagram! Going after your goals doesn’t have to be scary.

You can’t feel blue after seeing her bright aesthetic. Her blog explains, “Created out of a need for positive reinforcement in her life, Studio Mucci has become Amina’s love letter to the world, inspiring others to love and accept themselves just as they are, which has been Amina’s mission since starting the brand in 2011.”

6. Rachel Ashwell

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I was sucked into Ashwell’s blog several years ago. She had returned to the public eye after the Shabby Chic bankruptcy with three wonderful boutiques. Her writing shows a reinvigorated perspective on all things pretty and precious.

Blog Excerpt:

Sometimes it can be little overwhelming and my eyes get tired before my feet. I try and go up and down the isles that are relevant to my search and avoid, in my case, food and jewelry… but it’s always worth it to come away with a mind full of ideas.

7. Oh So Beautiful Paper

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Whether you scroll through her feeds or dive into the posts, you’ll get that lovely feeling like visiting a stationary store. Nole explains, “Oh So Beautiful Paper is a leading lifestyle and design blog that makes beautiful design accessible to everyone. Since 2008, we’ve been sharing awesome entertaining and DIY ideas, gorgeous paper goods, beautiful wedding invitations, home décor inspiration, and original cocktail recipes. We’re all about bringing an extra dose of fun and beauty to everyday life.”

What Inspires You?

This is a chance to shout out your favorite bloggers or even your own account. I’m always looking for fresh ideas for my own feed. Let me know who and what inspires you. You can leave a note in the comments or connect with me on Instagram.