Pairing fonts isn’t all that tricky ⁠— you just need to focus on contrast and balance. For example, a script can look great with a serif or sans-serif font, as long as they are proportional in weight. However, taking the time to mix and match fonts can slow down a design project. That’s why I’ve put together a list of some easy font combinations that use free fonts.

Great Font Combinations using Free Fonts

There’s nothing worse than asking another designer what font they used and finding out it comes with a hefty price tag. Each of the examples below mixes free fonts in a fresh and fun way.

A Little Sunshine with Franklin Gothic Heavy

I tend to avoid hand-writing fonts but, A Little Sunshine makes me smile. Aptly named, it looks like a very neat lemonade stand sign. Used sparingly, it can be a cute counterbalance to a bold subhead.

Bahnschrift SemiLight with Tahoma Bold Font

Mixing two sans serif fonts can look really modern if you use the weight of the fonts to create contrast. In this case, I like the way they keep the floral motif and pale colors from looking too precious.

Bauhaus 93 with Bahnschrift Bold Font

Retro fonts are tricky because they can easily slip into bad imitations. When you mix the two fonts above, the result is quirky and fresh.

Britannic Bold with Bahnschrift Font SemiCondensed

It’s hard to create a new classic but, this combination pulls together a serif and sans serif nicely. Personally, I like how they create visual tension without completely distracting from the message.

Cooper Black with Tahoma Bold Font

Tahoma is a pretty popular web font, making it a great counterpoint to quirky styles. Cooper black is kind of ridiculous. So, I like to use it in places where the bubble letters enhance the message.

Delicious Yellow with Rockwell Condensed

The elegant city lady and the old western outlaw got together for this one. Opposites attract and this one is magnetic.

Impact with Calibri Bold

If you need something that is really, really readable, use this combination. Seriously, Impact and Calibri give your eyes a break.

Freakshow with Tahoma Bold

If the Met Gala can do camp then, so can this font. Freakshow is so silly. If you want to use a crazy font, just rely on classics, like Tahoma Bold to finish your typography.

Rockwell Condensed with Bahnschrift Font SemiCondensed

Prim. That’s what these fonts signal when paired together. They look lovely with lacy motifs, flowers and pale tones.

Sylfaen with Calibri Bold Font

As serifs are becoming more popular in digital, sans serif subheads are providing a much-needed balance. Don’t forget to use those old favorites to contrast your new finds.

Sacramento with Lato Regular

Using a script or handwriting font as a subhead can look really cheeky. Think of the handwriting font as a whisper or giggle in contrast to the main message of the primary font.

Send Me Your Favs

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