Autumn is such a sensory season. You can hear the crankle of a bonfire. Smell the sweetness of apple cider. Taste the musk of pumpkin spice. Feel the swish of warm sweaters. You can see the oranges, reds, and yellows of nature. While the calendar begins a new year in January, the sensations of autumn wake us up from our summer dreams. This season’s best graphics for social media recreate the feeling of fall.

Fall into Savings Sale

Preparing a Fall into Savings sale should focus on developing micro-moments. Find a few things about your brand that can become experiences for your customers to relish (and repost).

Think about the event in terms of manufacturing moments that epitomize autumn. It’s not just about generating sales. Instead, you’re building a brand experience that will carry your customers through to the holiday shopping season.

  • Work your windows to make an interactive display. Your customers are no longer rushing into the air conditioning. So, take advantage of their lingering and encourage them to snap a pose. Solid signage and a hot hashtag will nudge them to share a selfie with your storefront.
  • Mix up the nostalgia with cold-weather treats. Coffee and cider are comforting. Serving up free drinks on dark days leads to lingering.
  • Step up your sidewalk game. Clean up your sandwich board, unfurl new signage and drop some fresh beats. The nicer weather means you can open your doors and blur your business with the street.

Whatever you love about autumn, find a way to make it a moment. Your customers are itching to fall in love with fall. Instead, you can help them fall into savings.

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