The campiest of holidays, Halloween slashes straight into the holiday season. It’s a great time to experiment with your Halloween graphics. These dark days are the first opportunity to lure customers into your store to preview Christmas shopping. You will get the most out of this seasonal sale if you really deliver on the spooky season. 

Spooktacular Savings

Setting up a Spooktacular Savings event allows you to get hands-on with your crafty side. Ideally, your displays will serve as pin-spiration for shop-goers. You may even find a way to make an event out of it by temporarily hosting a creative class after hours.

As the temperatures turn, people will be looking for indoor social opportunities. So, give them a reason to linger in your space (and impulse shop).

  • Eat me. Drink me. Make me. Try to turn your windows into a call-to-action. If you make some cute, custom pumpkins, add a sign telling them to come inside for a tutorial. You can offer a simple step-by-step handout or an interactive hands-on session.
  • Go low-key viral by taking a risk. Mark down an item to a drastic discount and post it online with a funny pun like “This price is killing us!” The likes and comments will boost visibility, ultimately leading to more traffic.
  • Team up with a local event to expand your audience. Your Spooktacular Savings can piggyback on a local festival, haunted house, or school fundraiser. Not only will you garner community goodwill but also, you get exposure to a different crowd.

As you’re planning your markdowns, remember that October becomes the best preview for the post-Thanksgiving retail apocalypse. Help people discover you before the shopping rush. Then, you’ll be top-of-mind and first-in-line for their Christmas shopping.

Halloween Graphics

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