Some people keep bullet journals just for tracking, without a daily log or a diary. The appeal is understandable. It’s an easy way to get organized. Unlike apps, a journal encourages you to slow down and focus on whatever you’re trying to accomplish. This mindfulness becomes part of the journey.


Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal

While you can track pretty much anything in your bullet journal, mindfulness is the key. Tracking creates awareness. It focuses you on pursuing a goal. Trivial or serious — here are a few things you can track in your bullet journal.


If you look up habit trackers on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll find a lot of ideas for how to format these pages. The trick is keeping them manageable, top-of-mind, and easy to reference. Personally, I haven’t tracked my habits in recent years. But, I’m thinking about doing a little challenge to force myself to take a photo each day.


Playlists for songs or videos are a fun way to sort out your vibe. Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of journalers using this to set a mood for the week or month. It could be fun to pick an artist and go through all of their work chronologically. Kind of like an earworm scavenger hunt.


By far the most popular, mood trackers encourage mindfulness. Most of the ones I see assign a color to different moods. Then, they fill in shapes or squares accordingly.

I tried this once and found my mood varied a lot based on how much time I had to myself. If I was rushed, I logged a negative mood for a day. I guess I need that extra time to re-center.


Exercise, weight, or health symptoms pop up on many bujo lists. They’re more deliberate than using an app. Instead of just logging calories or punching numbers, they encourage you to meditate on wellness.


Time trackers are my favorite way to boost my mood. I know it’s a little weird but, I love seeing how productive I am. It allows me to relax. Whenever I’m feeling out of sorts, I do a little time study for a few days. It gets me back on track and in line with priority.

What do you track in your bullet journal?

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