Whether you are a small brick-and-mortar retail shop or selling online, Black Friday (or the day after Thanksgiving) sales set the tone for your holiday promotions. It’s one of the most cluttered holidays – in terms of messaging. The big retailers have the most money to spend on high-reach promotions.

To find your customers, you need to saturate your niche early and often with clear money-saving messages.

Black Friday Sales Event

I used to work with an old-school marketing guru who used the (cringe-y) not-politically-correct phrase, “I want to be the tallest midget.” Whenever he announced this, I knew exactly what he wanted — buying up all the local advertising to push out his competitors.

Instead of competing with big brands, he looked down the food chain at anyone the same size, or smaller, who might drown out his message. We identified all the other “little guys” and made sure he was “bigger” than them.

  • Ads: Be the first to grab prime, local promotional opportunities. Don’t wait for the sales reps to find you. If you only spend money on ads once a year, now is the time.
  • Offer: Develop a strong offer that you can promote consistently. To reach peak awareness, you need to stick to one simple, attractive offer.
  • Sales: Prep your team to push the main promotion. There is no point in offering a sweet deal if your people can’t close.

While some of my other campaigns trade out dollars for creativity, Black Friday is the one time of year where every customer expects a “gimme.” Plan for it! Then, you can scoop up your little corner of the market.

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