If you are a small, retail business, the holidays are full of both stress and opportunity. Foot traffic typically increases — and you can make the most of it. Get your fair share of pitter-pattering customer feet by running a social-media-friendly sales event. You can use my free Christmas Sale graphics for inspiration.

Holiday Sale: It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

To run this event, you need to start by decorating your store and windows for the season. Then, offer a discount to anyone who poses and posts to social media. It will position your store as “an experience” while also generating positive buzz.

  • Hashtag: Create a hashtag for the event that includes your store’s name. Keep it short, simple, and easy to type in. Don’t forget to test it out on all the platforms to make sure it’s unique.
  • Window Display: Look to popular Instagram-inspired backdrops, like the Museum of Icecream or superblooms. (Think colorful & nostalgic). You may be able to find a display wall or a dressing room to doll up for selfies.
  • Sales: Make your offer extremely easy for both customers and sales associates. For example, you could offer $5 off your purchase when you post a selfie with the specified hashtag.
  • Social: Make sure you explain the promotion clearly on social and promote it frequently. Don’t forget to repost the really good selfies to your own account. Like and comment on everyone. The engagement benefits you and the buzz with bring in more customers.

Above all, make sure your promotion is creative and personal. If you have a mascot, a distinctive building, or even a really popular employee, make them a part of the promotion. It will instantly connect your sale back to your brand.

Christmas Sale Art for Social Media

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