Every time I start at a new job, I’ve learned a new task management system. From my first high school employers at a grocery store and clothing department store, to the ones for my career as a freelance creative, each position has a way that they want you to manage tasks. While I’m all for implementing these systems for productivity, I’ve found that they fall short of truly keeping me organized at work. Some of the systems are clunky. Many don’t encompass everything you need to do. So, in addition to working within those systems, I keep a handwritten planner. Otherwise, I feel disorganized at work.

Feel Organized at Work

When bullet journals first came into vogue, I kept having coworkers ask me if that was what I did. It wasn’t. I simply had the habit of using any type of journal to keep track or my daily tasks.

(Now I love dot journals. I just wasn’t familiar with the product.)

Everyone who worked with me noticed my little habit of keeping that list and referencing it constantly.

If you don’t feel organized at work, a handwritten planner may give you back some of that control.

1.Look at Dates in One Place

For most jobs, dates and tasks come in through a variety of sources like task management systems, verbal requests, emails, or texts. You have to enter them all somewhere. But, if you already look at a computer or phone all day, it’s nice to keep a list on paper.

You can’t accidentally delete a message!

2. Meditate on the Meaning of Your Work

In addition to actually keeping track of projects, a handwritten planner allows you to meditate on the meaning of your work. As you take those extra moments to think through your list, you may find yourself considering the purpose behind what you do. You can pick themes like “gratefulness” or “confidence” to inspire your workday.

Then, as you work through your task, you can meditate on the meaning behind what you do at your job.

3. Track Long-Term Goals

Pinterest and Instagram have no shortage of inspiration for trackers. You can track your time doing a certain type of activity or even keep a quick log for your day. If you have some long-term goals, use your journal to help you focus on that. Look daily for ways that your efforts moved you close to those goals.

How do you stay organized at work?

I’d love to hear about your tips and tricks to stay organized at work. Do you use a post-it note system or specific software? Join the conversation on my Instagram.