Whether you live in a small or spacious home, you probably appreciate areas with closed storage. It allows you to hide away the mess.

When we moved from loft living to a two bedroom home, anticipating the birth of my son, I knew we needed to trade some of our open shelving for doors that closed.

That was the inspiration behind my IVAR hack (where I added legs to these hanging Ikea cabinets. We baby-proofed the doors by adding plastic hooks on the inside. Now we have chic, tidy storage for all of my office and craft supplies.

8 Things to Store in Your Ikea IVAR Cabinet

There are two sizes for the IVAR Cabinet with swing doors. I chose the smaller one, which is about 12″ deep on the inside.


1. Laptop with Cord and Case

When I shopped for this cabinet, I was determined to find a cabinet that could fit my laptop. It’s a small screen size and it fits perfectly on the shelf. When I’m not using it, I tuck it into the cabinet — along with the cord and case.

2. Files in Magazine Bins

Another key measurement — the shelves fit standard magazine file bins. They can sit upright on the shelves and hold files. We transferred our files from a box with hanging folders into this format. It’s so much more convenient to access.

3. Shoebox Containers

Shoebox side containers fit well on the shelves. You can use clear boxes, label them, and stack as needed. I have a few of these with items separated by project.

4. Camera Bag

My fragile camera is safe in its bag and tucked away in this cabinet. The careful habit keeps this expensive piece of equipment away from little fingers.

5. Messy Craft Supplies

I have a lot of paint, glitter, glue and beads. I used to just store them on a shelf in my workspace. Now, I keep them hidden away in the cabinet until nap time.

6. Office Tools

Staplers, scissors, tape dispensers, and hole punches all attract little hands. I keep them one section of my cabinet along with their related supplies like extra tape and staples. It looks so tidy, I might just keep them there forever.

7. Notepads and Loose Papers

I never liked the look of sketchbooks, notepads and loose craft paper on shelves. So, I’ve hidden them away behind the IVAR cabinet doors.

8. Miscellaneous Electronics

Why does everything come with a cable? I keep a bin with spare USBs hard drives, extra charging cords and random electronic parts in my cabinet. It looks tidier and we always know where to find them.

What do you store in your Ikea IVAR Cabinet?

The IVAR cabinet is such a popular, versatile piece and I’d like to see what you store in yours. Send me a snapshot or leave a comment.