If you love the stationary section of the craft store, but never really seem to use a planner, this post is for you!

I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’ve used up all my old notebooks, pens, stickers, and supplies. It took me a while because I don’t really plan to plan. Below are my top tips for planning when you don’t like to plan.

Keep it with you

Although I like to pick a time to plan, I find that keeping my journal with me reminds me to use it. Whenever an idea hits or an appointment crops up, I jot it down. Then, I just need to review it at the end of the day to fill out the details and set reminders.

Make it fun

Tailor your planner habit to your personality. If you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest, you’ll quickly realize there are so many ways to keep a planner. People use stickers, doodles, and charts.

There are so many different tools and layouts that make it fun. So, experiment a little! You can always move to the next page if you don’t like it.

Reward yourself

Productivity is the main goal in keeping a planner up to date. You want to work through those lists and meet your milestones.

When you are doing well, use it as a chance to reward yourself. Then, you’re reinforcing the habit in a positive way.

How do you use a planner?

I’d like to hear how you use your planner. Do you have a stash of supplies that you need to use? Tell me about your experience on Instagram.