When I prepare crafts for my toddler, I look for projects that have an extended life beyond the crafting session. I prefer something that incorporates an activity — something beyond pinning it to our bulletin board. This easy toddler craft turned into some puppet shows throughout the week — complete with growly shark voices.

toddler stick puppet craft

Popsicle Stick Puppets for Toddlers

Time Filled: 45 minutes (including playtime)

Materials: Coloring Books, Markers, Hot Glue, and popsicle sticks.

We started by coloring pages from his coloring book. After these accumulated for a couple of days, I cut out the characters that my toddler selected. We worked together to put dabs of glue on popsicle sticks and press the characters onto them. Then, he had some stick puppets to put on a show.

toddler stick puppet craft

What I Love About This

I love that this project used coloring pages we already had. Later, I started saving some of our favorite coloring pages (like a Peppa Pig Coloring Book) to re-use for this project.

It gets you more use out of the paper because you can cut out the characters and turn them into puppets.

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