Even though there are few fonts as perfect as Helvetica Neue, Halloween designs may inspire your search for a quirky font. Below are some of my favorite free fonts that I’ve been using for my spookiest designs.

Alfa Slab One

Download at Google Fonts

This font recalls old, dusty book covers with the serif tails on each letter. Also, the thick weight makes it highly readable — giving you the option to use with riskier color combinations.

Pairs well with a script font like Mr De Haviland.

Vast Shadow

Download at Google Fonts

This font brings an old-fashioned detail with its shadow effect.

Pairs well with a simple font like Roboto.

Bungee Shade

Download at Google Fonts

This font reminds me of all the funky 60s and 70s horror movie posters.

Pairs well with virtually any sans serif font.


Download at Google Fonts

This font reminds me of stars at a stage show. However, they’re not as dated as using a literal marquee effect.

Pairs well with a strong option like Oswald.


Download at Google Fonts

This font looks like a mix between cut-out lettering and those creepy “serial killer” notes. The uneven lines make for jarring visuals.

Pairs well with a readable font Arial Black.

Monoton Regular

Download at Google Fonts

This font reminds me of Suspiria (1977), or really anything by Dario Argento. Its bold, graphic lines pair well with bright colors and a restrained secondary font.

Pairs well with simple fonts like Calibri.

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