furniture makeover with chalk paint

For this project, I transformed a solid set of living room furniture using chalk paint. To begin, I spent several weeks searching for the perfect living room set on Facebook Marketplace. I knew that I wanted to use dark gray paint and hoped I could find something with interesting details.

Finally, I found this set for $118. They were in excellent condition, staying in one home for over 30 years. When I asked the kind seller why she was getting rid of them, she said she just wanted a change.

In exchange, I got high-quality, solid furniture.

Time: About 15 hours over several weeks


  • $118 for the furniture
  • $60 for supplies


  • Screwdriver & Hammer
  • Paint Brush
  • Lint-free rags
  • Scrub brush

Products Used:

furniture makeover with chalk paint

Step 1: Prep the Tables

After I purchased them, I carefully wiped them down with water to remove any dust. Then, I used Behr Swipes Deglossing wipes to remove the finish. It took a little while to work on all of the surfaces.

Next, I scrubbed all of the hardware using Barkeeper’s Friend and a scrub brush. I tried a baking soda and vinegar combination first but, it didn’t do the job. Instead, Barkeeper’s Friend quickly refreshed all the metal. I was so excited because I knew the bright metal would contrast the gray paint.

Step 2: Prime the Surface

Then, I primed all of the wood surfaces using an oil-based primer. I did two coats, sanding and wiping between each coat.

Step 3: Apply Chalk Paint

Finally, I painted all of the surfaces using Behr Interior Chalk Decorative Paint in Classic Noir. I did two coats plus some touch ups to even out the tone.

Step 4: Finish with Wax

Lastly, I massaged Minwax Soft Touch Finishing Wax into the surface using lint-free rags. I only needed to do this treatment once but, may touch it up in later weeks.

Overall, this project took me about 2 weeks as I took breaks between each step.

furniture makeover with chalk paint

What I Love About This Project

Although there were cost-saving benefits of this project, I was most pleased to have a one-of-a-kind furniture set. The coffee table and end tables are large and unusual. Since the living room has an open layout, they help ground the room. Although I just started styling my space, you can see the moody, vintage vibe already.

chalk paint furniture steps
chalk paint furniture