Whenever an organization considers their media mix, the benefit of digital marketing comes under discussion. Everyone knows it’s relatively low cost. However, it’s also a busy space. Some groups worry.

Do distracted users create disloyal customers?

Even in value-driven online shopping, consumers can convert on your ads. Every business can benefit from an online presence — customers begin their search online.

The Biggest Benefit of Digital Marketing

Understanding this information search begins with the consumer decision-making process.

  • First, prospective customers experience a need — a product, service, or an intangible emotion.
  • Second, customers seek information. At this stage, most people go online to read user reviews, hunt down details and compare pricing.
  • Third, they compare their options. Depending on their findings, the buyer will either choose your organization or select a competitor.
  • Finally, they will become a new customer.

Your organization must promote your products or services during that vital second step. Otherwise, you will completely miss the opportunity during the evaluation phase.

The biggest benefit of digital marketing is that it is build around this information search behavior.

Generate Brand Awareness

Most prospective customers default to the same brands. This is known as brand loyalty and it stems from brand awareness. In the saturated digital market, you must stand out from competitors. With time, digital marketing can help increase your brand awareness for your target audience.

Key Tip: Fill your social media accounts with share-worthy content.

Increase Audience Loyalty

Consumers often seek out the same brands. So, you need to keep them loyal. Your target customer may not select you immediately. Tricks like retargeting keep you top-of-mind. An engaged customer will convert more quickly.

Key Tip: Use ads that mention a discount on the product category they viewed. Don’t follow your customer with the same product. It’s creepy!

Raise Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Targeted customers create a lower cost per lead. Instead of wasting media funds on a broad reach, digital marketing allows you to narrow your audience. It lowers the overall cost to gain new customers. Through this practice, you lower your up front advertising costs and increase your ROI.

Key Tip: You can create several pieces of creative and run them on the same channel with the same budget. Then, cut the ones that perform less.

Build a Database of Customers

One most valuable sales tools? A customer database. However, traditional methods take longer and cost more. Online methods, often automated, allow you to build profiles on your customers and measure their engagement over time. Build a base of potential customers over time, leading to a higher conversion rate. 

Key Tip: Build your automations slowly at first. Don’t assume behavior flow.

Get Started

The biggest benefit of digital marketing? It’s built around natural user search behaviors. Digital marketing can help ensure customers include you in their online hunt for information. 

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